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Zoomer Chimp Introduction

You don’t need to be able to look into the future to predict that this absolutely fantastic robot chimpanzee is going to be one of the best selling toys of Christmas 2019.

In 2015 Zoomer scooped the toy of the year 2015 award with their robot dog, Dino. With this robotic chimp toy, it looks like they are going to be as popular as ever in 2019

In fact, over recent years, Zoomer have released various robot toys, including a dog, cats, kitties, purple dogs, and even a dinosaur.

But they seem to have really perfected their art in the Zoomer Robot Chimp and they have delivered masses of features and functionality in this new toy.

At the time of writing, this toy had just been released but has already started selling well and generating positive reviews and comments.

The Zoomer chimp can do over 100 tricks and respond to voice commands.

He has eyes that light up and change color to help you know what mood he is in and how he is feeling.  He can dance and act silly like a real chimp.  For those of you who like this kind of thing (the boys and Dads mostly) he even farts.

The manufacturers have gone to great lengths to make this robot pet their best yet.


Zoomer Interactive Chimp

Zoomer Interactive Chimp


Zoomer Robot Chimp Summary Features

  • Your new best mate primate listens to your voice commands and can understand over 200 sounds, including “Do a flip” and “Go bananas!”
  • Zoomer Chimp can do over 100 amazing tricks!
  • This toy is full of personality.  Zoomer chimp can change his eye color, move his face, and moves about in a lifelike way.
  • Zoomer Chimp is suitable for ages 5+ and uses 1 LiPo battery which is included
  • The boxed product comprises 1 Zoomer Chimp, 1 Charging Cable (but the wall adapter is not included), 1 Instruction Booklet and 1 Reference Guide


How Much is this amazing chimp?

The Zoomer robot chimp was originally offered at RRP for sale at $100-120. It’s available usually around half that, so better value straight away.


Who is the Zoomer Robot Chimp for?

Well, I’ve been an adult for a long time and I would love to get one for Christmas!

The manufacturer recommends it for children aged over 5.  They warn that some small part may represent a choking hazard for a child below that age.  Plus, a younger child may easily damage the toy.

But really, this toy would suit anyone over the minimum recommended age.  It would suit either a boy or a girl and any child interested in robot pets would love the Zoomer robot chimp.


Things We Find Great About the Zoomer Monkey

The Zoomer Robot chimp has a personality

The main likeable thing about this toy is the fact that it has a real personality.

Zoomer has given it such great movement that it seems real and quickly grows on you.

The articulated body and animated face give it the ability to behave like a real cheeky young chimp.

It goes a bit mad at times and acts like a real chimp, dancing about and farting!

The Zoomer Robot chimp has lifelike movements

Zoomer really has worked hard to get the movements right and this toy has a great range of movements.

We particularly liked that it has the ability to go from a sitting position to a standing position which is quite a feat for a robot toy.


Things Not To Like About The Zoomer Robotic Chimp

I try to be balanced when researching toys and I try to put forward any negatives as well as the good points.

But in the case of this toy, it’s really hard to find something not to like.

If you want to be picky, you could say it’s not educational.  Well, then, just have fun with it and be educated by other toys!


Is The Zoomer Chimp Worth The Money?

Under $100 seems well worth it when you consider the impressive features this toy has.

It does so many things and acts in such a way that your children will love it and actually become quite attached to it.

And the more you play with him, the more he learns.

This interactivity is one way you can be sure this toy will be played with for quite some time, and not relegated to a cupboard.


Zoomer Chimp initial reviews

The Zoomer chimp was released back in 2015 in the USA on August 1st.  

Reviewers generally liked it and said it was a pretty cool toy, impressive features, and movements, a bit difficult to master.

If you were going to buy one, we would recommend ordering from Amazon.com as they will give you extremely quick delivery.

You know you are getting a genuine product and the warranties that come with it.

You can read what people who have purchased the toy are saying and you can expect excellent customer service.

Just click here to see more of this cheeky chap


Zoomer Robot Chimp Final Thoughts

Rather than just producing another robotic animal pet, Zoomer seems to have really tried hard with this one.

They have gone to great lengths to improve on past models and come up with new innovations to ensure your kids will just love this toy.

The Zoomer Monkey is definitely once again, one of our predictions for the best Christmas toys of 2019.

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