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Our Zman Games Pandemic Board Game Review

In Zman Games Pandemic, teams work together to save the world from four deadly diseases that are breaking out in major population centers. Each player takes on another role such as medic, scientist, or dispatcher when battling back each disease with treatments and cures. Familiar-looking dice play the part of pathogens and actions players take to treat infectious cities across the board. Players use a bird’s eye view map full of brightly colored markers and symbols to travel around Earth – but they often find themselves clicking feverishly to grab one city after another before it can burst out into neighboring ones or be put under quarantine by other players.Tighter coordination is necessary as more critical outbreaks try wiping away countries from the map with infected townships cutting off lines of communication between safe and infected.

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The world is plagued by outbreaks of deadly diseases and you are a disease specialist trying to keep four of them from wiping out the human race. Players collect and utilize different roles to try to contain the outbreak in diseased cities around the world before they consume the entire planet. Each player has their own role that’s critical for fighting off disease; like researching new cures, treating infected individuals or travelling between cities.

The simplicity in the game is that each card will have either one or two actions. In your turn, you choose to take an action from a card and perform it. You can draw a new hand card at the end of your turn. Then destroy the used one. When someone takes and uses two same action cards, this causes the outbreak to infect more cities quickly. If all of the players cannot fight against them by destroying viruses or medical stations, then it’s game over for everyone!

Zman Games Pandemic Open


How many people can play?

Players – You must have at least 2 players, but the game says up to 4.

This is a game that takes about one-hour to play by 2 team members. 3 or more could take two hours  or more.  Time may vary depending on experience and the strategy used in playing.

The game recommends at least 2 players but can be played by 4 randomly assigned teams. Each team should have a single leader or co-leader to assign roles and deal with faster assignment of tasks during the game play. More than four people could play if each person had their own role card and started with equal amounts of pawns.

Of course, more would need to be added for each team player.

This game can be played by 2 or 4 players. Players that play together as one team will have a chance to work together and make decisions faster than individuals working separately from others during the game session. (2-4 players)

 Pandemic Board Game 2-4 players

How do you set up the game and how long does it take?

Setting up the game is not difficult for general viewing of components. You will want to read the directions and look at your player card before starting play, but once you know what you are doing, you’ll have no problems with setting up and playing during a session. It has few set-up steps and no pre-game steps.

Set up time: 2 to 10 minutes ([+10 if you have not played the game before])

The player cards, role cards and a board map are all easy to place during set-up stages of  Pandemic Board Game . As many as four players can play with their team against the diseases and other players.

The game map has a continent-sized board for players to travel about using their role’s power to move around from city to city. Each of the diseases is represented by different colored cards, each having 2 or more actions upon activation (such as mixing cure ingredients in a lab). The game play begins once everyone knows how to use their role card and has placed their pawns on the board. Pawns are used to find out what others have in their hand, but also keep track of people’s movement during play.

What does each player/team need to know?

Each team must read cards in hand and other game materials such as role card for actions needed to move and gain control of the board.

What do you do in your turn?

The game is played by each player taking up two action cards from their hand and using them to perform actions on the board.  Each card has just one or two actions, allowing flexibility of choice in play style. The player then destroys those used cards, and draws a new card for each hand.  This is repeated until play ends, or the players win or lose against the diseases that are threatening to destroy every city in the world.

In this game you can move your pawn around the board to gain control over cities by placing down medical stations that cure infected individuals.

You also have a lab where you can mix the cure for each disease by collecting ingredients from other cities on the board. The game goes until all of the diseases are cured or you run out of cards to draw.

Hints & Tips To Play The Game:

Read the rules for gameplay before starting. Each player should have a chance to read their role card and try out each action during setup. Once the game is going, let players use actions freely but do not make moves that could result in another player’s loss of cards (unless they are trying to win).

This was one of the new games that we purchased during Christmas. We’ve played it a few times already and everyone, both kids and adults enjoy playing the game as much as they did watch us play  Pandemic Board Game.

The game is easy to set up but can be tricky to master if played competitively. Remember that you are working against the diseases rather than against your team. Try not to make moves that could result in another player’s loss of cards (unless they are trying to win).

You will need a table and space large enough for the board map material, plus room left over for discarded card piles. You may also want extra pawns for more players and any other items needed during play such as pencil and paper for note taking.

Zman Games Pandemic Conclusion

This is entertaining, it’s fun and it also adds to the experience by players working together not just trying to win against each other.

For the price, this is a good value option!

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