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German Panzer IV- lego panzer
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Deluxe German WW2 Lego Panzer Tank

This awesome set measures  2.8 inches wide & is 5.50 inches long. It contains in total  350 pieces to build up into a realistic German Panzer IV battle tank. We think that this Lego Panzer will be popular with adult set builders and collectors. Alternatively this might be a great way of children learning about World War 2 in an interactive way.

You can build this awesome set into a working tank, complete with a revolving turret. .

The complete set includes:

-Panzer Tank Commander and Panzer Crew Member with direct printed torsos made with Genuine LEGO® minifigures
-Custom MP40 and Luger
-Fully rotating turret with adjustable gun mount
-Armed with 3.7 cm KwK 36 gun
-Seating for two minifigures including driver and gunner/commander ( these 2 extra mini-figure not included)
-Basic interior includes drivers position, steering wheel and shifter
-Sleek Design
-Set comes in a box with bag containing hand sorted parts

lego panzer deluxe panzer







Deluxe Stug German WW2 Tank

This piece is a solid addition and will provide reinforcements to the German assault. You can imagine this workhorse was used as infantry support, but also tank hunting against the Allied armored units.

The tank measures 5.25 inches long and 2.80 inches wide and is made of over 210 NEW genuine LEGO® bricks and 82 custom tread links!

The set comes in a box with the Battle Brick Logo and includes printed step-by-step instructions

It includes:
-2 Premium Direct Printed German WW2 Soldiers made with real LEGO minifigures
-Adjustable gun mount
-Armed with a 7.5 cm KwK 40 gun and MG34

Two custom printed genuine LEGO® Minifigures add to the realism. You can battle against the Us Army Chaffee tanks or the Sherman battle tanks. Re-enact Normandy in the summer of 1944, as D-Day was underway. An alternative is the Battle Of The Bulge, with the Ardennes offensive of December 1944.

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