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Big World Adventures Wooden Thomas Trains Set


Is your kid an avid watcher of the Thomas & Friends TV show? Whether they watch the show or love coming up with new stories, the wooden Thomas trains are an enjoyable set collection.

Since these toy set collections help to instigate your child’s imagination and create new adventures independently, this would be a productive and fun toy for your child.

Do you wish to learn more about the train set? Read on to get an idea of how this Big World Adventures wooden Thomas train set can make your kid’s day special.

Wooden Thomas & Friends Train Set

The pro-collection of the Thomas set comes with the trains, tracks, and the Thomas & Friends character.

Moreover, these kid-friendly tracks are made to enhance and encourage imagination and creativity in your child’s brains. With Thomas & Friends, they can create new stories and have global adventures around the world.

Also, with this wooden train set, you can travel to many locations like India, China, and Australia and solve problems with monkeys, crocodiles, and kangaroos.

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The Thomas wooden train set comes with many cool features from the show, including the exciting new characters and varying layouts.

The set includes

  • Nia engine
  • Isla the Plane is built to carry the rescue carriage
  • Global destinations
  • Thomas & Friends characters like BRIO, Melissa & Doug, and others (additional charges)
  • 2 people and 5 animals
  • Accessory pieces
  • Wooden track pieces, including the ones that are similar to the show
  • Track adaptors to connect to the wooden track pieces

Moreover, you can join the connectors in many ways as they are designed to fit in different styles.

Since the adventure story set offers all the requirements like the locations, characters, and accessories, you can watch your kid be authors of their own stories.



There are many positive aspects to this interactive toy set as this allows your child to explore and hone many skills for their physical, emotional, and cognitive needs. Some benefits of buying this product are:

  • Kid-friendly collection
  • Easy to build and play
  • Improves imagination and creativity
  • Compatible with other Thomas & Friends pieces
  • Helps develop many skills like critical thinking and motor skills
  • Can expand emotional connections and memory
  • Sustainable wood
  • Environmentally friendly



When are pros to a product, there will be some slight drawbacks for the same! Some of the disadvantages of this set are:

  • Contains small parts



Thomas train sets help enhance your child’s personal growth and build stories by themselves.

The wooden Thomas trains set entertains your child’s imaginations and opens the door for new opportunities and escapades.

Moreover, it increases your child’s problem-solving ability as they can come up with new storylines and engaging roles for the characters.

So, if you are looking for a fun toy set collection that makes your kid experience exciting adventures, the wooden Thomas trains set will sure do the trick. You can stay assured that your kids will love them.


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