What Is The Best Family Card Game ?

best family card game

Our Thoughts On The Best Family Card Game

Forget modern technology, as great as Playstations etc are, nothing beats a good old family get together with the best family card game selection to choose from.  I’d like to mention here, that the old time retro games are fun too. Especially for those old enough to remember PacMan when it was first released. Giggles and laughter are sure to be in full flow as the games get funnier and sillier.
We’ve narrowed down our tests and these are our 3 suggestions.

How we Assessed The Games We Tested.

This was pretty straight forward, we looked basically at these 3 requirements.

1) Did we laugh like mad while playing the game?

2) Is the price both affordable and dies it offer value for money?

3) Ease of playing? Nothing worse than finding a game too difficult to play, thus it takes the fun away.

best family card games uncovered

UNO Family Card Game, with 112 Cards in a Sturdy Storage Tin

UNO™ is a game about matching colors and numbers, in which you try to get rid of all your cards before anyone else. It’s easy to learn and addictive for everyone!

UNO® has been voted ʺthe Best Card Game of the Millennium” by Games Magazine. With more than 30 million units sold worldwide, UNO ʺThe Classic Card Game” is truly one of the world’s most beloved family card games.

We like that UNO® is simple to play: ʺDraw 1 card’, ʺPlay 1 card’, ʺYou ʹre Out” when you ʺPlay a Wild Card”, ʺReverse’ cards, and ʺSkip’ cards. The object is to be the first person to rid yourself of all your cards, and players race to empty their hands while everyone else is forced to keep drawing.

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UNO Family Card Game, with 112 Cards in a Sturdy Storage Tin

This game is the ʺOriginal” version, ʺFast’ & ʺFun”, and ʺGreat for Family Game Night” at home or with friends. It’s a game that everyone will enjoy playing together! ʹI love to play UNO with family and friends. We have so much fun ʺ !” ˄. ʺJust ʹone more game’ can sometimes turn into many more!”

UNO™ contains: 112 cards, Instructions and comes in a sturdy metal storage tin. Recommended for ages ʺ7 and up”. Ages 8 and up may especially enjoy ʹUNO Attack”, ʹUNO Crazy Eights”, ʹFace Cards & Wild Cards”, ʺSlap Jack”, ʺReverse UNO”, ʺCrazy Draw 4 ” and ʺStampede”.

I’ve collected all of the UNO decks – I’m not sure what I’d do if someone were to come up with a new one! ʹMy family loves playing UNO with this deck and we’re even planning on taking it with us on a vacation. I think most people that enjoy playing UNO also enjoy the theme that Mattel has created around it, and this fairly elaborate tin has enough space for not only one but several decks of cards!


Goat Lords

Goat Lords is a hilarious card game of goats, wizards, and sheep. It ʹs a card game that’s fun for players of all ages.

Playable with 2-6 Players, Ages 7 and up.

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Goat Lord is an award–winning card game in which you battle to become the greatest Lord. In this 60-minute party game, players assume the ƚrole of goat herding wizards who have been summoned by an ancient spell.

The goal: capture all the trophies, cast spells in your favor — and be the first goat wizard to lead your herd home.

Unleash powerful yule spells as you try to build. Cards include MAGICAL FLOWER GOATEES, ATOMIC GOATS, the ESCAPE GOAT and more!


Includes Goatnald Trump, Leonardo Di Goatrio, and Chuck Goatris!

Not Parent Approved

N.P.A (Not Parent Approved)

An award-winning card game for the whole family, Not Parent Approved is a hilarious game for the family.

This awesome party game includes two new ways to play: ʹSkip a Turn’ and ʺDraw 3 cards and Play One”. Kids will love the very un-parental nature of NPA and parents will love how it gets the whole family laughing.

If your kids like to play UNO™, they’ll LOVE this game!

Not Parent Approved is recommended for ages ʺ8 and up ̗

“The parents who can play this game with their kids – without breaking into fits of laughter themselves – deserve a medal.”

Not Parent Approved

Not Parent Approved Game

This game is hilarious! I play it with my family all the time and nearly everyone wants to join in. It’s a great game for anyone. We love it! ʹI bought this game as a gift for my friends who have kids and now we can’t get the whole family together without these cards being played. It’s a lot of fun to play with the whole family.  This is a game we can play together and joke around! Plus, it’s always good to sit down and laugh for an hour or so with your kids”.

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Not Parent Approved is made in the USA, comes with 455 cards of our original NPA design featuring anti-parenting sayings such as “Make sure you have at least 25 years before having kids.” “The most important college decision you’ll make is choosing who to marry. Make sure she has a job.” “Never trust anyone who says ‘oops’ when their kid pukes.”  and “You’ll be a great parent if you don’t pass out from exhaustion”.

Conclusion On The Best Family Card Game

We started out with 21 games and narrowed down to these three. We had fun, giggles and excitement with most of the games we played, but these three came out in front as our choices.


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