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A classic holiday story from Jim Henson, The Christmas toy may not be as well remembered as some of the other Muppet Christmas specials but it still holds a special place in the hearts of many children of the 80’s. In the Christmas Toy Henson introduces us to the playroom where the toys are alive …as long as nobody sees them. Hosted by Kermit the frog this Muppet Christmas special is a heartwarming tale of friendship and a child’s enduring love for her toys.

As the tale begins Jamie is in her playroom with her favorite toy Rugby the tiger. When she is called to bed Rugby overhears her mother mention that it is Christmas Eve. Ecstatic, Rugby gushes to his friend Apple the doll about the year before when he was the Christmas Toy and Jamie promised to love him forever. Apple tries to explain to him that each year there is a new toy and that he already had his turn but he refuses to listen. He begins to formulate a plan to get downstairs and under the tree so that he can be the Christmas toy and relive the wonderful day again. If he is caught by the family however he will be frozen forever, no longer able to play on his own or be with his other toy friends.


As Rugby prepares to sneak downstairs he is joined by Mew who, although “just a cat toy” wants to help and the two begin their dangerous journey. Meanwhile Apple has rounded up more of Rugby’s friends to try to convince him to return to the playroom. The arrive just in time to catch Rugby opening a wrapped box that releases Meteora, Queen of the Asteroids. Although she is the new Christmas Toy, Henson channels the future and the film Toy Story by about ten years, she believes she is an actual space adventurer who has landed on an alien world. Available still on VHS for those who prefer the true authentic version.


The toys now have to convince Meteora that she is a toy and to get back in the box and get themselves and Rugby back upstairs before it’s too late. By the end of this Muppet Christmas Special Rugby learns the true meaning of friendship when Apple reveals a secret and Mew makes the ultimate sacrifice. Don’t worry the Christmas Toy ends happily and Kermit once again joins the toys for the finale, singing We’ll Be Together at Christmas.


Watch Muppets Christmas Carol Online

Watch Muppets Christmas Carol


Watch Muppets Christmas Carol Online

Originally airing in 1986 this lesser known Muppet Christmas special is available on DVD but the scenes with Kermit have been cut as he is now owned by Disney. A shame that a touching story on the true meaning of Christmas should be effected by such material concerns. The complete Muppet Christmas Toy can be found on used copies of the VHS however.

The Christmas Toy is arguably the best of the Muppet Christmas specials ( IMDB score 8.2 out of 10 ) and should be seen by any fan or Christmas lover looking for a fun and festive story for the holidays. The more popular movie , although only scoring 7.7 at IMDb. is the Muppets Christmas Carol.
. This movie featured Michael Caine as Scrooge and in the US Grossed over $27,000,000.

What we have here is the Muppet’s rendition of Charles Dickens’s classic tale puts a unique twist on a favorite holiday story. The muppet christmas carol full movie is available to stream online for those who prefer to view on tablets or other portable devices.


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