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STEM Subscription Box SmartLab Toys Circuits

STEM Subscription Box – What Is It?


Do you have kids interested in technology or science? If so read on and see what we found out about the STEM Subscription Box.

Kids love to play, as we all know. From an early age, kids associate playing with the good things in life. You look at a baby or a toddler playing with a toy (especially a new toy) and they have a huge beam of a smile on show.

Now as they get older, their brains develop at different speeds which is normal. What we do see though in some youngsters is the desire to learn and experiment. Imagine pushing a toy car across the floor, but then wanting to know what makes the car function? As cute as the doll is, what do the different limbs do exactly?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics which is a wonderful grouping of interests. For example, one month the box contained the SmartLab Toys Circuits. Amazingly, this was about a 30% discount on buying this product as a standalone purchase!

Science and technology are fun!

It’s not just the older kids who are able to benefit from this service. Importantly, STEM provide 3 age ranges, 3 to 4 years old; 5 to 7; and 8 to 13 to ensure age appropriate offerings, there really is something for everyone. So, this then means that the youngest age group might be building their first vehicle whilst the 8-13 year olds are experimenting with electricity.


The subscription at Amazon automatically renews every month on the same date you ordered. Then they ship on the same date and you are then charged at that point. The idea here with this service is to encourage further interest & development with your child’s science, technology, engineering, and math interests. Importantly, you can choose a monthly option, 2 monthly or quarterly (a delivery every 3 months) so  great for all budgets.


With age-appropriate kits, great value for money and speedy monthly delivery, the Amazon STEM Club Toy Subscription is a nice and convenient way for expanding your child’s passion and learning in the sciences in an enjoyable way, through hands-on projects & experiments. 



3-4 year old STEM Club Toy Subscription

An ideal starting point, thanks to an introduction to simple concepts related to counting, building, and also cause and effect. Subscribe here to start your youngster on their journey into science!


5-7 year old STEM Club Toy Subscription

The next step along the way with hands-on experiments and explorations of electricity, earth science, and simple math. Importantly, this level is designed to offer a wider range of activities, as the child gets older and wiser. In the same way as the subscription for younger children, it’s easy to register and sign up, just click this link, for the 5-7 years service.


8-13 year old STEM Club Toy Subscription

Finally we move onto the more technical boxes. These are quite focused on physics, chemistry and engineering.  Some projects contain instructional booklets to help set up the project. Although straight forward, be advised they may require an adult.

Click here for your STEM Club Toy Subscription: 8-13 year olds


Bitsbox – Coding Subscription Box for Kids

Other options and services are available and more will no doubt roll out in the future. We particularly like this one called Bitsbox. It’s ideal if your child is wanting to learn about coding for computers. Morevoer, no previous coding experience is necessary so this is a great starting point.  Don’t worry if you’re afraid this might be too complex, each kit includes a helpful Grownup Guide. Additionally, if that isn’t enough to get you started, Unlimited email support is included, too!

Each box comes with a project, stickers for progression, adults help guide and more.
The first box is the Animal House – Coordinates & Basic Commands (12 animal-themed app projects and more).

Then the second box is Robo Boogie – Variables & Simple Methods (13 robot-themed app projects).

Leading on to box 3- A Land Far Away – Conditionals & Interactions (11 fantasy-themed app projects).

And finally box 4 – Sky’s The Limit – Functions & Timing Commands (9 flight-themed app projects).

Bitsbox is an alternative to STEM Subscription Box, as it’s aimed at the 6-12 years age brackets. What we also like too is that the apps are coded on a website.

stem subscription box alternative = Bitsbox Displayed

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