Steiff Classic 1920 Teddy Bear Blond 10″

Steiff Classic 1920 Teddy Bear Blond 10"
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Steiff Classic 1920 Teddy Bear Blond 10” Review

The Steiff Classic 1920 Teddy Bear Blond 10″ is a German made, classically jointed teddy bear. The bear is part of the Steiff replica collection which means that Teddy bear enthusiasts will consider this to be a highly sought after item. A whole range of people are going to find that when looking for Christmas teddy bears options that this will be a perfect gift.

The bear’s charm doesn’t just come from the variety of sizes that it comes in. The bear is made from incredibly fine, unbelievably soft mohair and high-quality alpaca of a range of colors.  Additionally, the bear has been designed in such a method that they are peaceful, friendly and with an endlessly calm charm, perfect for your child and you.   With that in mind, it’s good to know that they are also washable!.

Steiff Classic 1920 Teddy Bear Blond 10″ Attractions

The bear’s quality of manufacture has to be one of the key attractions.  This is a bear who is going to be around a long time so its good to know that great care has been taken in the manufacturing to ensure that the stitching doesn’t break down. Add to that the perfect size and appealing expression, then you know that it’s going to be popular for all ages. Clearly, this is a bear for all states of mind, whether you’re celebrating or commiserating he’ll be there!


  • A bear that’s highly appealing.
  • Made from high quality and fine mohair.
  • A gift appropriate for all ages and for memorializing those various important life occasions.


For this toy, we’ve not found any as yet.

Steiff Classic 1920 Teddy Bear Blond 10inch Bear Close Up

From the Manufacturer


Steiff Classic 1920 Teddy Bear

Our bears are popular, much adored and stroked inhabitants in the houses of Steiff friends and collectors. Importantly, their owners have managed to keep a piece of “childhood” and joy in their adult lives.  Some days can be so grey and cloudy, the turbulence of day-to-day life can challenge us. However, looking your favorite Steiff Teddy bear in the eyes always feels like coming home. we can have such valuable moments in the company of Steiff Bears.

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