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SelfieMic with Adjustable Selfie Stick
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Our Review of the Selfie Mic Music Set

Also known as the “selfie stick meets karaoke”, the Selfie Mic was introduced on the 1st of July 2016, by Worlds Apart, and since that time it has gathered a whole lot of attention.  Just like the name states the Selfie Mic is a selfie stick that has a  microphone that is built in. It allows users to create their very own music videos through the smartphone app that is known as the Star Maker app. The app also allows the users to sing along with thousands of songs and you can post them online.

The selfie stick acts just like a smartphone holder and that’s then combined with a microphone that acts just like a handle as well. On the end of the stick, a wire is attached that will help the user plug it into their device so you can capture different sounds from the microphone, while on the earpiece is attached to the rear of the microphone. The Selfie Mic was officially launched on July 2016 but it’s still selling well today.


How is the Selfie Mic used?

The Selfie Mic is pretty easy to use. You just simply log into the StarMaker app and you then select a song of your choice. You then place the mic into the bracket, plug the wire in and then you will be ready to perform your favourite songs. All of the other functions, from here are in the StarMaker app which is also very easy to use.

SelfieMic comes complete with Adjustable Selfie Stick

Here is an overview of the features

  • New Songs added every day
  • Includes Microphone, Selfie stick, adaptor cable, instruction sheet
  • Bonus 1000 tokens to use in the StarMaker app

How Much Will You Pay?

The Selfie Mic sells for RRP $29.99 also has free shipping from some vendors

Who Would Buy The Selfie Mic?

The Selfie Mic was made for kids that are above five years of age. It’s also great run for family parties and social events to capture all that karaoke on the go!

What We Like About The Selfie Mic

a) It will allow the users to sing record and also share their own music videos

b) It will allow the users to sing, lip sync as well as perform to diverse hit songs

c) The Selfie Mic has the adjustable selfie stick, karaoke microphone, earpiece as well as the free StarMaker app

d) It is perfect to use at parties

e) It comes with 1000’s of tracks already installed

f) People of all ages can use this

g) There are no batteries required

h) You will be able to create great and also professional looking videos

i) It can be used on both Android as well as iOS devices

selfie mic

 The Things We’re Not So Keen On 

Just one!  And that’s that it can only be used together with the StarMaker app which can make this process longer than it could be.


Is It Worth Buying?

If you happen to be a music and selfie lover, then this product is worth the money. You will not only be allowed to take those cute selfies but you can also become a music star!

Where Can This Be Purchased?

You can buy the Selfie Stick online at


Our Final Thoughts

Overall, the Selfie Mic along with the StarMaker app together is an excellent way for the kids (and kids at heart) to express themselves musically, have fun and produce a much more professional effect than just singing into their phones.  It’s priced right at the discounted offers. There are products with more functionality but then they’re more expensive. So for all those young karaoke stars who love to take selfies, this is just the product for you.

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