Non Toxic Baby Play Mat

Non Toxic Baby Play Mats
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Our Non Toxic Baby Play Mat Best Buy Choice

Looking for suggestions for a great non-toxic baby play mat? Perfect First Puzzle has the answer.
The foam floor puzzle mat enhances basic puzzle and problem-solving skills as toddlers and children take apart and piece the mat back together. It also enhances creativity as kids learn to build the foam floor mat into various 2D and 3D shapes including cubes, prisms and more.


  • Age recommended: 8 months to 3 years
  • One hundred, no, one thousand percent non-toxic
  • Each tile is 12” x 12”, and with a whole 36 tiles total to build your play zone, you can use the arrangement that suits your home best. 14 mm thick.
  • Rainbow, happy stimulating colors
  • Easy to clean, let them go wild with liquid spills! It’s okay!


Well, this is an interesting pick. I mean, it may be even hard to classify this one as a toy. I can already picture a poor Wal-mart employee having trouble finding if this goes in said department or in the home decor one. In the end, though, it definitely is a toy. First, the reason it’s one of my top picks and I want to remark it’s importance now: It creates a closed (but big, since this is the thirty-six pieces one instead of the ones with nine that are more common but of course way smaller) stimulating area that your baby can use to either just relax or play with other toys. It’s the solid base where great things begin. Order online for easy delivery options.

Non Toxic Baby Play Mat.

Non Toxic Baby Play Mat 36 Pieces

This one wins vs the others thanks to this extra thick edition, it’s absolutely worth it to ensure their comfort and safety. On what you can do with the tiles besides using them as a mat, your kids will get some very nice imagination development creating cubes(the additional thickness helps here too), patterns, and exploring both 2D and 3D play. Overall, it’s as simple as it gets, I’m probably done already, but I believe toys need to be that way: Give them a small, motivating and exciting push, then let their creativity do the rest to boost those development areas they need. Go exploration!

Non Toxic Baby Play Mat Play Platoon

Interesting facts:

  • A reviewer gave it one star because “strong chemical smells”.Hey, don’t worry, if you check the other comments you can find that if yours happen to come like this just let them sit out overnight and it will air out completely.
  • There is an alphabet+numbers mat that I was going to add here at first instead of this one(Also from Play Platoon) since it’s educational value is even higher.
    However, since the letters and digits can be removed it can get a bit messy and complicate things more. But if you think your little one is disciplined enough, it’s definitely worth checking as grabbing letters and creating words is extremely good. You can click the picture to check it out! It doesn’t have an extra-thick version sadly.


Non Toxic Baby Play Mat Final Thoughts

This is a lovely product, suitable for in the home use as well as outdoors on the patio or decking. If you’re looking for an affordable Non toxic baby play mat with a great warranty this is the one. After all, over 470 happy buyers can’t be wrong.


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