Monopoly Unicorns vs Llamas

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Monopoly Game Unicorns vs Llamas

Do you believe in Unicorns? What about Unicorns vs Llamas?  Is there a board game that doesn’t have difficult rules on how to play it?

The Monopoly game is one of the most popular games for people, where you can enjoy spending your leisure time. Its rules are very simple to learn and uncomplicated so everyone can understand them. I think the game has very nice rules…

Why not play the Monopoly game with friends? It will be a lot of fun, especially if you created your own rules. But otherwise, it is interesting to just follow the traditional instructions on how to play this great board game. The standard rule for playing Monopoly says that each player should receive an equal number of properties in the game. And you should start playing on a flat surface, preferably with square tiles.

Unicorns vs Llamas

The Monopoly Unicorn vs. Llamas board game is a refreshing twist on the classic childhood favorite, where players buy titles for their fuzzy friends instead of properties like in regular Monopoly games.

In this fast paced and hilarious version of your old friend Monopoly. Teams have to fight it out over who gets bragging rights as “cutest babies” or “most huggable” with clever takes on popular labels such as Most Hipster – which are all represented by adorable llamas!

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Ages 8 and Up

2-6 Players can play Monopoly Llamas vs Unicorns. Playing time 15 minutes upwards.

What’s in the box?

Board, 6 Tokens, 28 Title Cards – 8 “Baby” and 20 “Llama” cards, Monopoly Game Rules.

How to Play?

The game is a lot funner than some others you may have played before. The rules are simple and easy to learn.

How many players can play the Monopoly game Unicorns vs Llamas?

2-6 players can play this fun board game. The more the better.

The first thing, who will choose which team is going to compete in the Unicorns vs Llamas? If there are more than two players, then each team should have at least two people on it.

The second step is choosing a token to represent your team in this Monopoly game. In this game you can take any of 6 tokens: unicorn and 5 different types of fluffy llamas. The third step is drawing for the first player and putting the Go! token in the Start square.

Now, you can begin your game and start moving clockwise around the board while collecting properties and titles for your team members. If a player lands on their own property, they may build a llama or unicorn house. In this case that player can evict another player if it is vacant and collect the rent from the Bank for their own. The fourth step is simple, if you land on any other player’s property you can buy that property from them by paying its cost, but only in cash (no credit). If a player has sold all of their properties they are out of the game.

When a player fails to pay the rent, they are out of the game.

The fifth and last step is simple — a player wins the Monopoly game Unicorns vs Llamas if their team has acquired all 8 titles before any other teams have managed to acquire 4! In this case that player’s team wins, but if no one has won when someone reaches 12 points, the game ends and players count up their scores. The player with the most points wins!

Monopoly Unicorns vs Llamas

Monopoly game Unicorns vs Llamas is a great board game for all ages and particularly young children will love this version of Monopoly. The rules are really easy to learn even if you have never played any other various versions of monopoly before. Monopoly game Unicorns vs Llamas will not take much of your time to learn and you would be able to teach your children the rules without any problem. Most importantly, this board game is great fun for all ages because it does not focus too much on strategy. I think you should try this board game with friends and family members or if you just want to spend some time with your kids.

Can this game be played with 2 people or does it have to be more?

This game can be played with only two people, but your chances of winning will be quite low if you play it without any other team.

Ages 8+? Are the cards and pieces in the game durable for young kids to use? I believe that each card and piece is very durable. After several uses, they should not look too worn out at all.



For two players, is the game more entertaining and exciting? We would say that it depends on the children’s preferences. If they enjoy racing against each other to buy more properties than their opponents, then yes – they will have a heck of a lot of fun! The board game does not require much thinking and you will have to think only when you are in a bad situation. So, if you are looking for an interesting game that your kids can play on their own or with just one friend – this is it! Don’t forget too Monopoly Cats Vs. Dogs Board Game for Kids Ages 8 and Up, which we reviewed in this article here, is another animal based Monopoly game.

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