Monopoly Cats vs Dogs Something Different

monopoly cats vs dogs

Animal Lovers Really Like Monopoly Cats vs Dogs

Monopoly Cats vs Dogs features new properties, more banknotes and cards than in the previous version. for example, it has 9 cards instead of 6 . Monopoly Cats vs Dogs also features a cool dice game that is added to the end of each turn so you can use your luck to make some extra money if you don’t have the needed money to buy a property.


The main objective of  Cats vs Dogs is to make it rich by owning lots of properties and collecting rent from your opponents. throughout each turn, you have the option to take various actions in order to become rich. these types of actions are as follows: build houses, hotels, trade-in stocks, buy a property, collect rent and end your turn. you can also get vouchers randomly throughout each game that allow you to build houses/hotels or give you extra cash.

The artwork for the Cats Versus Dogs Board Game is very nice and on point compared to the previous version of Monopoly which was made by quest games. it features different cats and dogs on their properties. it also features many kitty cat related things such as statues, flowers, rooms in the houses, doors with paw prints on them plus much more.

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How Many People Can Play Monopoly Cats vs Dogs?

 Monopoly Cats vs Dogs can be played by up to 6 people which is the same amount of players as a standard variation of Monopoly. As a board game, Monopoly Cats vs Dogs can be played by people of all ages.

Product Dimensions

Do you have the table space? Well, the product dimensions for this board game is 33cm x 48.1cm x 2.3cm . This means it can be placed on the floor in any room you want as long as there is enough space to move around.

 Cats Versus Dogs Board Game

Game Classification:

I believe that  Cats versus Dogs is classified as a board game because you have to move your pieces around the board in order to win the game.

The target audience for this game is people of a broad range of ages because there are many references and humour that would appeal to young kids. it also contains some mental ability challenges which can be fun for adults. overall i believe this game will appeal to most age groups because of the unique style and humour.

Monopoly Cats vs Dogs contains many different elements that make it a good game.  first of all, there are many random events that offer you extra cash or free houses/hotels which can help even out the playing field if one player is having a bad start. Second of all, there is also a dice game at the end of each turn which gives you a chance to win more money if you don’t have enough. last but not least, it contains many different cats and dog references that are all over the board. for example houses with kitty cat doors, dogs on some properties, paw prints as decoration plus much much more!

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