Lincoln Logs Are a Great Christmas Toy

wooden toys for 4 year olds
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Lincoln Logs make a wonderful Christmas present for young and old alike. These sets are good to give to people of any age ( over 3 years of age )  because youngsters enjoy them for the building abilities that they provide. Older people like Lincoln Log products because they provide memories of when they were children and had fun with these wooden toy kits. These toys make great Christmas presents that everyone can enjoy. You can build thse sets alone or with a group of people. Due to how popular they’ve become a series of collectors tins have been released.
One great is the Collector’s Edition Village. Build a diverse range of log cabin models from this item, thanks to the 327 pieces.


AMERICA’S NATIONAL TOY™:  Which is quite a claim! Invented by John Lloyd Wright, son of famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, in 1916, and as ever popular over 100 years later it’s easy to see why LINCOLN LOGS has become America’s National Toy™.

LINCOLN LOGS The 100th Anniversary Tin



Awesome Wooden Toy Kits

Lincoln Logs are made of wood and they are designed to fit into each other so that you can make all kinds of wooden buildings with them. These wooden toy kits can be piled upon each other to make walls for buildings. Other Lincoln Log pieces are long and flat like tiny boards. You can make roofs with these long flat Lincoln Logs. Some of these sets come with plastic pieces that you can use for roofs on your buildings. Lincoln Logs are made to look like real logs. They come in brown color and the roof pieces are usually a green color, but blue and red are more evident in recent years.


wooden toy for 4 year olds


Lincoln Logs are fun to play with. You can build houses, Forts, fences and cabins among other things. Children can make buildings to play with other toys with. These sets can provide a child with hours of creative fun. The more different kits a child has the more fun and creativity the child can do.
Horseshoe Hill Station has 83 pieces including a roof, door, flag, and two plastic figures — a cowboy and a horse, and can be built quite quickly.


Ages 3+ Preschool Education Toy

We think these make a wonderful choice for wooden toys for 4 year olds, they’re great fun to build, eyecatching and encourage play. The different type of wooden toys and gifts, especially puzzles, are always popular.

Lincoln Logs can be used to make buildings in village models. Make a log cabin to fit into your Christmas village. Lincoln sets can provide the necessary additions to model villages.

Lincoln Logs come in many different types of kits. You can get the Wilderness Lodge Lincoln Logs set,  Jailbreak Junction Lincoln Log set or Forge Mill Cabin Building Set!
  A Basic Lincoln Log set is also available to purchase. The more of the sets you collect the more you can make with them to build out an entire homestead. You can get creative and build your own  Log ideas or you can put the Lincoln Logs sets together like they are designed to do.

Lincoln Log Set

Lincoln Log Set


They’re fun to play with. You can build what you want with these sets and then play with your creations. You can find these Log sets for the people on your Christmas list. To find out more about Lincoln Logs and the different sets that are available you can go here on the net to purchase.

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