LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar or Friends?

lego star wars advent calendar
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LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Vs Friends

Maybe Harry Potter isn’t your type of guy or the City set isn’t your thing? What about Friends or StarWars, instead?


The 24 days leading up to Christmas can be hectic. The whole world is in a frenzy dashing through the stores in an attempt to find the best deals and last-minute gifts. For children, these days are filled with excitement as they count down the days until Santa leaves their gifts under the tree. Advent calendars can be a great way to bring families together for small moments of joy in an otherwise crazy time. Normally these calendars are filled with candy or small prizes but, LEGO advent calendars offer a more special way to start the countdown, revealing fun figures for each day that passes.

Which One To Choose?

There are several themes for these calendars and families of all types can enjoy the fun. Below we have 2 different versions of the LEGO advent calendars that we will take a deeper look into, each version with different unique pieces. We will also wrap up with a quick comparison of the two noting key differences.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 41382 Building Kit,

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar

The Friends series is very popular animated group that is loved by boys and girls of all ages. The staple colors are purple and pink with heart shapes and smiling figures painting TV screens. The LEGO Friends advent calendar comes boxed in a backdrop of Heartlake City, where snow covers the ground and Mia and friends huddled together. Ice skating rinks and Ferris wheels are seen in a starry purple sky creating a fun filled atmosphere.

Inside of the box you will find printed instructions along with numbered portions and 330 total pieces. 24 prizes are hidden behind these numbers; opening them as the days pass and Christmas draws near. Figurines include penguins, stockings, and candy canes, even including robot figures with wheels that cruise through the winter paradise. Each figurine comes with a special handle at the top perfect for threading ribbon through and hanging on a mini Christmas tree. Apart from normal ornaments, there is also a snowflake that will fit the top of a mini tree seamlessly.

Friends Set

Also included in the mix of figurines are LEGO original blocks that can be snapped together in several different ways to build creations of the imagination. Instructions are included for some figures helping little builders of all ages to construct staple pieces. To help little ones with building skills and learning, some parts are left out giving them room to learn or to think outside of the box. This set is recommended for ages 6+ and comes marked with a choking hazard as it contains small pieces. LEGO’s warranty will replace any broken, damaged or missing pieces and promises customer satisfaction. This set has been featured in the top 100 toys and games list updated by the second on Amazon and is ranked #12 among building toys. The whole set comes wrapped with the known quality and durability of LEGO, making it the perfect game for Friends fans.



LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

The space war saga is loved by many across generations. Made for the biggest of Star Wars fans, the box comes marked with the famous logo and features a snowy planet far away deep in space. Inside of the box, there are instructions for unpackaging pieces and even some instructions for construction of certain figures and spacecrafts.

Figurines include Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, and other spacecrafts along with robots all crated and detailed with the perfection that is common of LEGO designers. There are a few figurines from the 280 pieces that feature Christmas decorations like red ribbons and Santa hats. The box easily converts into a 24-day countdown to Christmas morning revealing a new toy as each day passes. Each new piece integrates perfectly into the snow filled galaxy far-far away featuring a fold out play mat to battle characters against one another. Figurines have hands with LEGOs signature grip for tools and lightsabers to fit to perfection. Apart from the Star Wars themed figures, the set comes with original LEGO shapes and blocks for creative building.

Star Wars Set

Like most other sets of its kind, this one is equipped with a manufacturer’s warranty that replaces damaged or broken pieces or will resend any that are missing. Star Wars has fans of all ages but the manufacturer recommends this product for children over the age of 6 and children at heart of all ages. The detailed designs can be kept for collectibles or used for Christmas traditions in the years to come. This product has received a lot of positive feedback and has even made it to the Top 10 list of best Building Toys on Amazons Top 100 in Toys and Games. Star Wars fanatics are in for a treat using this advent calendar to count down the days with character favorites of the most popular space themed series in the world.


So Which Wins?

Both calendars have features that make them unique from one another. Of the things they have in common, all the important things check out like warranty, quality, and design. Each set comes with original blocks and each of them promotes creative building and critical thinking and the quality that LEGO is known for. The Friends calendar tends to be most popular among young girls and features a color scheme of pink and purple and characters appealing to their target perfectly. Also, this set promotes learning unlike that of Star Wars, attempting to develop puzzle solving skills in youngsters. The Star Wars theme is popular however, not everyone is a huge fan. It also comes with a heftier price tag and comes with fewer pieces though, fanatics won’t mind.  Each has its own target audience leaving the choice mostly to preference.

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 75245 Building Kit,

Coming with the quality and intricate design of LEGO products, both of these sets are perfect for the holidays. Adding these to family traditions can be a fun activity to promote togetherness and build excitement as Christmas day gets closer and closer. LEGO has been around for years, giving families a fun activity to participate in together and giving them a chance to be creative and build memories for years to come. We think the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 75245 Building Kit, is going to be popular again this year. If you’re still stuck for ideas, check these out;


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