Lego Star Destroyer 75055

Imperial Star Destroyer™ - 75055
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The Lego Star Destroyer 75055 – An Imposing  Member Of The Lego Star Wars Fleet

This Lego Star Destroyer certainly has that “wow ” factor, even before you take it out of the box!

Lego is one of the most prestigious and well-trusted toy brand names, with playsets and kits appealing to customers worldwide. The Star Wars franchise, popularized by George Lucas and his rich cast of characters such as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Darth Vader, has become a pop culture icon, known by movie aficionados all over the world. Now, these two have worked together to create the Star Wars Lego Star Destroyer, one of the finest sets that Lego has produced so far.

A Large-Scale Star Destroyer: Collectible And Captivating

Now, fans of both Star Wars and Lego can enjoy this set that provides a quality replica of the movie’s most famous ships. The Star Destroyer, epitome of the Empire’s military might and firepower, is beautifully recreated through a mere pack of blocks. Aside from holding a high place in the infamous Empire’s arsenal, the Star Destroyer is also prominent for its large size. The 37″ by 23″ model is the largest Lego Star Wars ship produced, making it a highly-valued piece by collectors and young children alike.

lego star destroyer 75055

Lego 75055 Perfect For Playing And Displaying

Children aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the Star Destroyer. The model can serve two purposes, with each catering to different interests. The size of the model makes it an imposing addition to any Lego Star Wars playtime activity, while collectors of both Lego pieces and Star Wars merchandise can easily make their addition well known, as the Lego Star Destroyer comes with a display stand and collectors card displaying important information about the Empire’s powerful spacecraft.

Choose Your Sides With The Rebel Blockade Runner or the Lego Star Destroyer 75055

The Death Star isn’t the only collectable piece present in Star Destroyer. Now, the Rebel Blockade Runner – the first spaceship seen in the franchise and piloted by the Organa family – is also included in the set, making for a light and easy-to-play complement to the immense Star Destroyer. Plus, the Rebel Blockade Runner can also help any child to make his or her original Star Wars scenes, adding his or her own unique twist to the conventional Star Wars story.



A Nostalgic Piece That Appeals To Both Adults And Children

Without a doubt, the Lego Star Destroyer 75055 is eyecatching. The level of detail is amazing. The question is once built, do you play with it or just admire it?
One of the best features of the Star Wars era is its broad appeal to adults and children alike. Whereas before, many kids and future adults were awed by the movies, the later generations became familiarized not only with the latest movies but with the Lego Star Wars playsets and video games. With the new Lego Star Destroyer, parent and child can share their love of the Star Wars franchise, while enjoying the kit in different ways.
This Imperial Star Destroyer™ – 75055 is a must have for all ages and collectors.

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