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Lego Police Station: Could It Catch Kids’ Attention?


There can’t be many people who haven’t thought of being a policeman/woman at some stage in their life, even if it was when you were five years old!  Hopefully, the aspiration to be a criminal wasn’t as strong but either way, playing cops and robbers was still a great game.  The Lego Police Station provides a perfect setting for hours of make beleive if on a smaller scale. If you’re searching for the Lego City Police Station best price, we have some ideas lower down in this article.


The package includes two jail cells, a command center with computers, a helipad on the roof of the command center, and a garage that can house two vehicles. The vehicles include a police car, a bicycle and a prisoner transport van. The package also includes four police officers, two burglars, one police dog, and many police accessories like handcuffs, a dog kennel, a crowbar, a wanted poster, an evidence room, a mug shot area, and a secret compartment. The whole package contains 783 pieces of durable Lego plastic and weighs 4.4 pounds. The product is recommended for children from 6 to 12 years old.


lego city police station best price - Lego Police Station Set


Why We Love This Set:

Appealing Theme

The action based theme is perfect for the 6-12 age range. There are just so many scenarios which can be played out that the set is going to provide hours of entertainment.

Fantastic Level of Detail

This I think is one of the main highlights of the set.  The attention to detail is amazing and this, in turn, make sit easier for games to be played.

Easy Set-Up

The setup of the set is amazingly simple with an instruction manual that is decipherable even for children a little lower than the indicated age requirement.


Con: Quick Assembly With High Price

The set is surprisingly quick to assemble despite its relatively high cost. The fun associated with playing with the product is indisputable, but the length of time to enjoy assembling it is 1 to 3 hours.  So it is worth considering where the most fun will come from for your child, assembling or playing? We found the Lego City Police Station best price here on Amazon


Why We Like The Police Station Set

After researching the product extensively, we’ve narrowed down to these factors;  The Lego Police Station has 783 pieces. It has opening features such as the jail cell doors open and close.  We think it’s the best set in Lego City, it’s certainly the most fun to play with. The combination loads of great mini figures, including two robbers, four policemen, and a dog allows your child to come up with endless scenarios.

   It is a great set to play with even after you’ve finished building.

LEGO City Police 60047 Police Station

This set is ideal to add to the others in the Lego City range. After all, we like having a police presence in our town.





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