Lego Ninjago Stormbringer Dragon

Lego Ninjago Stormbringer review
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Lego Ninjago Stormbringer Dragon

This ninja playset is built with 493 pieces and includes 4 mini figures. When fully built it measures over 4” (12cm) high, 19” (49cm) long and 5” (14cm) wide.

The Lego Ninjago Stormbringer is a robotic dragon that uses an app developed by Lego Boost to operate.  Pricing means you should get change from the $50. It also comes with all the pieces you need to build it within one set.


To program the Lego Ninjago Stormbringer, you need to download the Boost app. Once you have the app then you can make the dragon roar, move its head, and even breathe fire! An interesting feature is action figure recognition, which involves placing a figure on the dragon to make it have a reaction specific to that figure. Other features include voice and touch detection.


The Lego 70652 Ninjago Stormbringer is meant for children aged 7 and up, as there are some small pieces in the set.

Great for Little Coders

As the Lego Ninjago Stormbringer requires coding through the Boost app to continue adding to the tricks it can do, this is a great toy for little coders or a great introduction to coding in a world where this skill is quickly becoming more and more of a necessity in an increasingly technological workforce. Who knows, perhaps this could be the toy that inspires your child to get into coding when they are older!

Lego Ninjago Stormbringer 2019 Conclusion

If you are a fan of Lego, dragons, and/or coding, this is the toy for you. LEGO Ninjago Legacy The Ultra Dragon 70679 Building Kit.

This is new for 2019 and is a 951 piece set. This The LEGO NINJAGO dragon toy comes with 6 mini figures & measures over 7” (20cm) high, 21” (55cm) long and 17” (44cm) wide.

Another new set for 2019 is the smaller, but no less impressive LEGO NINJAGO Legacy Golden Dragon 70666.

Featuring an opening mouth with hidden stud shooter, this 171piece kit also offers posable wings, legs and tail.


Lego Ninjago Stormbringer Dragon 70652

No matter which kit you go for, the Lego Ninjago Stormbringer Dragon 70652  or the more recent additions, you’re sure to have hours and hours of fun.

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