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Lego Friends Amusement Pier


Lego has always come up with toys that boost children’s creative thinking. This playing set keeps children engaged and entertained. The Lego Friends amusement pier measures 22.91 x 14.88 x 4.06 inches and consists of 1251 pieces.

Children can build the set, cultivating their skills, tapping hidden talent, and indulge in pretend play.


 LEGO Friends Heartlake City Amusement Pier 41375

The Lego Friends amusement pier is a set that the children can put together to form a whole amusement park with the rides, such as a rollercoaster.

Amusement parks can be enthralling, and the excitement to build one allows children to have a fun time while playing.

The building kit contains a ticket kiosk along with a turnstile. This creates the main entrance of the Lego amusement park. There is a unique setup for the fairgoers, too – a spin-the-wheel stall that helps win treats.

The toy carousel ride in the Lego amusement park comprises three chairs. They fly around with the help of the spinning twisting function.

Another fascinating ride is the pirate ghost ship. Riding through it, the mini-dolls would encounter bats, skeletons, and scorpions.

The building set in all consists of two skeleton figures, two animal figures, and five mini-dolls.

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The features of the Lego Friends Amusement Pier are listed below:

    • The manufacturer of this building set is LEGO.
    • The dimensions of the product are 22.91 x 14.88 x 4.06 inches.
    • It weighs 2.2 pounds.
    • It is delivered in a frustration-free packaging style.
    • The ASIN of the product is B07NDYC9HV.
    • The item model number is 6277407.
    • It is designed for children of age eight and above.
    • The product requires 2 LR44 batteries, and it is delivered with them.
    • It comes with five mini-dolls, two skeleton figures, and two animal figures.
    • The product was released on 1st August 2019


Pros And Cons

The Lego Friends Amusement Pier has proven to be very exciting for children. Here are some of the pros and cons of the product.


·       Encourages Role Play

Roleplay helps children to develop communication skills and language skills. It allows children to bring their imagination and real-life situations together.

·       Immersive Play

The Lego building set is an immersive play. The game keeps the children engaged in several ways and provides the brain with adequate activity, aiding the child’s development.

·       Stimulates imagination

Playing with a Lego building set, children are bound to make the best use of their imaginations.


·       It can be dangerous if swallowed.

The pieces of the Lego building set can be dangerous if kids swallow them while playing. Hence, parents should only introduce the kids of age eight or above to the game. For ensuring safety, an adult should supervise when the children play.

41375 Lego Friends Amusement Pier


To Summarize

The Lego Friends Amusement Pier set is an excellent building game that you can gift to your children. It is entertaining, but it also helps give a push to the child to discover their imagination while indulging in roleplaying, enhancing their communication skills.


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