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Lego Green Grocer: A Review of the Kid-Sized Store

Most children love to play make-believe games based on what they see in life. The Lego Green Grocer is perfect to replicate the weekly shopping trip for supplies.


Featuring three floors this model is packed with features. Firstly, the Grocery floor has a white and blue canopy, a cash register, and a container for vegetables, fruits, and bread. Then each layer is rich with details such as bay windows, grandfather clocks, and fireplaces complete with tools.  Additionally, it has a set of stairs which lead up to the upper floors of the apartment and even the roof terrace.

The roof has its own set of flowers, umbrellas, chairs, and a grill. Then there is a miniature mailbox for letters on the outside, along with a street that even has lampposts and fire hydrants. There are even fire escape ladders which move up and down. Finally, tucked behind the building is a courtyard.


The assembled product contains 2352 pieces, measures 10 inches in width and 14 inches in height, and weighs a total of 6.5 pounds. Aside from the building, there are also four townspeople included, and even a cat and a rat! The whole package is for ages 16 and above.

Why We Love This Lego Set

Pro 1: Intricate Designing

One of the most noticeable aspects of this product is the amount of attention given on the intricate designing of its details. The more you look at it, the more detail you spot.


Pro 2: Neat And Appealing Texture

The texture and finish of the materials look neat and appealing. From the cash register and the fruits and vegetables on the first floor to the terrace on the third, the constructions of the models were surely not rushed. The classic glossy finish of the Lego plastic is especially beautiful in this product.


Pro 3: Ease Of Construction

The instructions and the ease of construction is fun even for those nearly below the recommended age requirement. Almost any kid could quickly construct this whole package without any sort of problem. The only thing to watch out here is the minimum age requirement obviously due to choking hazard reasons.


Pro 4: Accurate Representation

Last and most importantly, the product is sure to excite children and adults alike as much as starting a grocery business itself. The accurate representation of the whole grocery scenario is enough to give kids a ready hint on how to run a grocery business. The fun associated with it could motivate future business-holders.

Con: Not Much Customization

Although the product has features that are good enough to make the deal perfect, there is but one thing that seems to make this seem a little disappointing. The product does not offer as much customization options as other Lego packages. It would have been better if there were customizable details like beds or tables.


What Others Are Saying About The Lego Green Grocer

This lego set is right up there with some of the best sellers.  Almost all of the reviews I found were very good. Buyers have said they like the detail brought out in this kit. It’s another very popular product from Lego. You can build your own street corner too if you combine the Green Grocer with 10190 Market Street and 10182 Cafe Corner too.


Final Thoughts: Perfect Grocery Experience

Even with the small flaw, the Lego Green Grocer is as perfect as it can ever be with its strong features. The amount of detail and texture is simply superb and the level of ease needed to complete this project makes it appropriate even for children just below the age requirement. For children who would want to help with the weekly shop, then this is definitely the product for them.

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