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Lego City Airport: Can It Fly High in This Review?

Every boy finds himself dreaming of becoming a pilot once in a while even though he has already set his sights on his
<script> future job. Men cannot be blamed for their innate urge to take their souls to the skies; thankfully, many companies have invented methods throughout the years to satiate their undying urge through handmade creations and models. For children who would want to experience plane building in their own houses, the Lego City Airport can give them the chance to do so.

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The package has many inclusions for aspiring small-scale pilots. The whole package generally consists of a control tower, a terminal, an airplane, and a baggage cart, plus its crew and passengers. Speaking of the terminal, it actually comes with realistic revolving doors. Five miniature figures are included in the box, which includes the pilot, the flight attendant, a steward, a serviceman, and a passenger. Inside the terminal, there is a ticket desk, a security checkpoint complete with an X-ray machine, a cafeteria, and a lounge. The terminal measures 10 inches long and 10 inches tall, while the aeroplane measures 20 inches long and 7 inches tall. This package contains 703 durable Lego plastic pieces weighing a total of 4.4 pounds. This product is recommended for children ages 6 to 12.


Passenger Terminal 60104



Pro 1: Immense Detail

The best feature that this package has is the immense detail in its creation. The artists and the manufacturers really gave their all in making this product as true to life as it is so that children would be able to know what it is like inside the airport. From the miniature coffee mugs, schedule screens, baggage check-ins, ticket counter, security checkpoint, and cafeteria doodahs, to the control tower and the aeroplane, the design is top-notch.


Pro 2: Accurate Theme Representation

It is another good idea that there are a lot of sceneries and partitions so that children will be able to experience the whole flight setting. There are a lot of features that certainly make this package one of the best ways to fulfil the dreams of every young boy to fly. The theme representation is accurate enough to let children understand the flight process.


Pro 3: Easy To Assemble

Another admirable thing is the level of ease needed to construct it. It has clear and concise instructions that are clearly decipherable for kids. The models are surprisingly easy to assemble, even for kids a little short of the required age.


Pro 4: Fun And Engaging Activity

Along with this, the building process is a lot of fun especially when with other family members, or even with a girlfriend. The experience is not limited only to the building of the structures and arranging of the components, but with the reenactment of scenes and the playability of its parts.


Con: Some Easily Detachable Pieces

Even with the attractive aspects that this package has, there is but one thing that puts it a little behind than the rest. Some pieces, such as the airplane door, the terminal building, the lamp posts and the terminal walls would tend to detach easily with a just a little bump or fiddling.

LEGO City Airport


Final Thoughts: Flies High Overall

Even though the structures seem a bit delicate, the Lego City Airport flies high as a fun and engaging toy overall for children to experience the airport. Not even frail parts and structures could get in the way of the product’s strengths in terms of easy assembly, fine texture and quality. This item has solid positive reviews and we really do think it is an ever popular product. Don't miss out on this wonderful gift.


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