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Reviewing The Lego 10278 Police Station Building Kit

Anyone who loves architecture can relish their time with the Lego Police Station Building Kit. It is fun to put it together and gives you a brain activity to stimulate it. We have already reviewed a different police station set from Lego here.

This collection is not limited to a police station. It also has a doughnut shop and a newspaper kiosk. The police station building kit consists of 2,923 pieces.

It is perfect for crime fans who wish to have something aesthetic to keep and challenging to make.

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LEGO Police Station Building Kit

The Lego 10278 Police Station building kit is a model specially designed for adults. It has clever designs and mindful projects for keeping you engaged.

The game has many interesting crime-busting details that are unique enough to give the feel of a crime investigation setting.

It comprises a case board with red lines that connect the clues, an interrogation room, a reel-to-reel connector, jail cell, an evidence locker, and many such props that make up an entire police station.

The doughnut shop is colorful, and it has an authentic feel to it. There are treats included in the set too.

To portray the city giving some similarities, there are billboards.

As you go on building the police station, you would find many surprises on the way. There are unmentioned rooms and exciting spaces for you to see.


This building kit has the following features.

  • The police station is three stories.
  • The building set measures 22.91 x 18.9 x 4.88 inches.
  • The Lego building set weighs 7.1 ounces.
  • The ASIN is B08NWHPZ2C.
  • The recommended age to play this Lego building set is 17 and above.
  • The manufacturer is Lego.
  • The model was released on 1st April 2021.
  • It consists of five mini-figures.
  • It features 1940s era police officers.
  • The kit includes novel pieces such as ultra-rare nougat color, an inverted 2-color arch, and four blank animal-head pieces.


Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the model as given below:


·       An immersive building experiences

The Lego building model has many eye-catching designs and is composed of challenging architectural styles that can stir up excitement.

·       Extra details

The extra details such as the doughnut shop and the newspaper kiosk give a natural feel of the city. With the doughnut shop being so authentic, it can be enthralling to build it.

·       Challenging yet fun

When building the kit, it can become challenging as there are so many pieces that have to be put together by placing them in their correct parts.


·       It can be complicated if the design is not followed accurately

The only issue that can arise is that the design is complex for beginners if it is not followed accurately with the guide provided.

Lego 10278

Lego 10278 Conclusion

The Lego 10278 building kit is an immersive play for adults. It can also be an excellent way to have family time, with everyone building it together.

This model is ideal for people keen to have a criminal investigation set up in the Lego design.

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