Learning Resources Helping Hands Fine Motor Sensory Tools

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Learning Resources Helping Hands Fine Motor Sensory Tools

Toddlers love to play. And what’s better than giving toys that help them learn life skills?

As a parent, you might be aware of sensory tools. These toys stimulate senses like touch, smell, sight, taste, and sound.

Learning resources have the perfect sensory toy kit for your lovely child. It’s safe, valuable, and delightfully beautiful! But, what does this helpful toy have more to offer?

Find out with this in-depth product review of one of the bestselling children’s toys in the United States.


Learning Resources Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set

The Helping Hands fine motor sensory tools set is a four-piece toy set for children aged three and above.

Children around the early age group of 4 years have tiny hands. The suitable activities can elevate the motor skills of such cute kids.

With a perfectly designed motor skill toy, your child will learn essential life skills from an early age. Hence, Learning Resources has just the right tool for you.

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The package comes with four motion sensory toys:

  • Gator grabber tweezers
  • Squeezy tweezers
  • Twisty droppers
  • Scoopers

All these fun toys are more than handy to build your child’s hand muscles. Also, you do not need to pay particular attention as these toys are safe as a house!

sensory tools

Salient Features

The features of this valuable toy set are:

Specially Designed For Sensory Development

All four toys are a fine specimen of sensory tools for young children. Importantly, each tool or toy covers different hand motions with precision.

Attractive Colors

Toddlers and preschoolers love toys that have vivid colors. Learning Resources understand this aspect undoubtedly.

Your child will always enjoy playing with these toys with pretty colors like orange, yellow, green, and blue.

Great Product For Delicate Hands

The journey from delicate to strong often starts at an early age. Thus, you need to choose such tools wisely.

This sensory bin toy set is a perfect fit for kid’s soft hands. Subsequently, using them will increase the hand strength in a fun and gradual way.


Technical Details

It is vital to know the size and weight of any toy before buying. So, here is a quick summary for you:

  • Product weight: 4.2 ounces
  • Dimensions: 9.6 inches x 9.5 inches x 2.2 inches
  • Manufacturer: Learning Resources
  • Recommended age group: 3 years to 10 years


Pros And Cons Of Helping Hands Fine Motor Sensory Tools

The toy set comes with specific pros and cons that you must always keep in mind. Let’s talk about the pros first:

  • Available in four different varieties
  • Cover several motor activities
  • Affordable pricing
  • Attractive design

Here are the limitations of this sensory toy pack:

  • Can break with rough use


Should I Purchase This Sensory Tools Pack?

This pack of four sensory tools is good to teach various motor skills to your children. So, if you want to keep your kids occupied and train those hand muscles, go ahead!



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