Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Home Playset

Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Home Playset
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Fisher Price Laugh And Learn Smart Stages Home Overview

The Fisher Price Laugh And Learn Smart Stages Home is a great educational, fun learning experience. Songs, phrases and sounds introduce letters, numbers, shapes, weather and more are a great way to encourage learning through play. This is all part of being a toddler and developing. Sorting four shapes encourages thinking and problem solving skills, yet it’s fun to do.

This is the option to go in my opinion if you are looking for a good investment in play zones that are rewarding in the long run. FP does a wonderful job here putting together this happy place, the interactivity is awesome and there’s so much to do. Oh, looks like someone’s at the door! Welcome, come in!

Key Features

The first thing to notice is that happy red door to crawl-through. If you ring the doorbell, it will notice and hurry to welcome you. By the way, almost everything here has sounds and dialogue, helping in many development zones such as emotional responses, sounds stimulation, and music stimulation. Even since the first level (I will get into that with more detail in a bit) there are simple but effective songs like ABC and 123, which as you can see have their respective buttons and positions.

Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Home Playset Girl I Door

But this isn’t only a teaching topics toy. Our home has many things to do outside and inside of it. On the exterior, there is a friendly froggy slider, a mailbox, a cute butterfly spinner, a peek-a-boo window, a blue cheerful bird, and four shapes for sorting, all of these being extremely important interactive parts of the whole pack. So now we also have hand-eye coordination and cause and effect. Now let’s see what’s inside! There’s also a great crawl around car too, for those who prefer to travel.

Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Home Playset In Action

On the interior, there is a switch to toggle lights on and off. There is a clock, and a fun computer where you can play with Sis the puppy, it basically teaches different things like weather, greetings, depending on the level. Now it’s time to review the smart stages aspect of this beauty. The home comes with a switch that you can slide from level 1 to 3, and each one changes the focus of the home from sounds to songs to adapt to the little ones age! Fantastic! Here are their main features of this educational toy:

Level 1: ExploreOver six months

Press buttons, discover sounds, first basic words and everything to spark that curiosity. Sign me in! Open and close the door to hear simple words like, “Hello; Goodbye.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Home Playset Learning Young

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Home Playset Learning Young

Level 2: EncourageOver twelve months

Some easy questions, shape sorting, and a little more deep teaching songs and activities. Ring the doorbell to hear prompts like, “Come on in.” The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Home really does stimulate the childs imagination.

Level 3: PretendOver eighteen months

This one is all about role play! It is here when your baby will truly play house. Welcome home! Open the door! Turn on the lights! Close the window! And more songs. Really, it has a lot of educational singing. It’s just beautiful. Engage in imaginative play, spinning around like the hands of a clock or checking to see if there’s any mail in the mailbox.


Our Review Conclusion

  • House theme encourages early role play
  • No cords, no plugs, no hassle
  • Teaches letters, numbers, shapes, greetings, weather & more
  • One of the best attention grabbers for children. From the colorful lights to the wide sounds collection, it’s so fun!
  • It is from Fisher-Price. In my opinion, if you can trust a toy company, it’s this one. Their seal of quality is guaranteed.
  • While it will probably be one of the less “budget” toys on my list, if you divide: $90/3 levels or years, you are paying $30 per year/level for one of the most educational playgrounds ever. I think it’s totally worth it!!
Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Servin' Up Fun Food Truck

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Servin’ Up Fun Food Truck

This is a great toy to get baby and toddler learning about sounds and objects associated with the home. Next step after is getting them ready for work maybe. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Servin’ Up Fun Food Truck, could be the start of a whole new world in the catering industry.
. Who knows you may have a future chef in the making!

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