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Imaginarium Train Table Roundhouse‘
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One of the enduring fascinations of a typical little boy is that of moving objects. From a passing amusement during infant hood, it has since grown into a childlike wonder for automobiles, planes and the like. The train belongs to the group of admired vehicles by little children – its wondrous build, unique from the common car, brings entertainment to any child, even in toy form. The Imaginarium Train Table Roundhouse caters to the train-lover in any child, featuring a rich and highly playable train set.


A Very Playable Train Set Environment, Brought To You By Imaginarium

The Train Table Roundhouse can make a train aficionado out of any child new to trains – the high quantity of playable pieces alone can make for a whole day of fun adventures. The 23 feet-plus train set comes with typical establishments such as tunnels and bridges, train stations, as well as vehicles like trucks, cars, a helicopter, and even a crane, giving your child a large amount of options to choose from during play. The included in the set is no slouch, either – an eight-car engine system offers a train engine that’s entertaining to look at while it speeds down the lengthy track.


Lights And Sound Bytes – Interactive Light And Sound Mechanisms

As if the number of additional toys weren’t enough, this little city of sorts is also capable of coming to life, thanks to various lights and sounds that activate as the train’s magnetic parts react with the track. The Train Table Roundhouse’s airport tunnel opens and closes while the crane’s magnetic grapple gives off the impression of life and action to an otherwise simple set.

The bridge also lights up whenever it comes into contact with the train, while a trip through the mountain tunnel activates a sound chip, making the child feel as if the train really has passed through the mountain.


Compatible With Other Train Models

Not only is the Imaginarium train set fun to play with, but it is also versatile. Although the train included in the Train Table Roundhouse is of good quality, a child may wish to try out a new train to see how it runs in the Imaginarium’s lush track system. Now, parents can avoid the disappointment that comes with their children not being able to make their imported trains run – the Imaginarium is compatible with trains such as Thomas & Friends or Brio! And because they’re compatible with the Imaginarium Train Table Roundhouse‘s magnetic track, the same light-and-sound features are also accessible while using other trains. Need more track then we have the idea and affordable solution just here.


Playtime Clean-Up Made Easy With Built-In Drawers

One of the most well known complaints of parents is the difficulty of putting away toys. This is made even more complicated by typical train sets – questions of whether to disassemble it, or cram it in the toy box often cause inconvenience for the parent, the child, and the wear-and-tear of the train set pieces. The Imaginarium Train Table eliminates this challenge with a unique, two-drawer system: now, a parent can easily take the smaller pieces and put them in one drawer, while the tracks go into the other drawer. The drawer itself is made of durable wood, assuring a safe and sturdy container for the train set while not in use.


A Little Help From Parents Needed

Like any other detailed play set, putting up the Imaginarium Train Table might take several minute’s time. The large amounts of tracks, though comprising a reasonable layout, might also cause confusion while building. The assembly of the additional table may also require more time than other play sets that do not include such fixtures.

Imaginarium Train Table Roundhouse‘



Get Those Trains Rolling Now!

The Train Table Roundhouse is a solid choice for any child’s new train set. Relatively affordable and yet full of value-added features, this train set is a perfect gift to the casual toy lover or the child who’s already passionate for trains. The Imaginarium Train Table Roundhouse is a good gift that is sure to encourage creativity from a kid for many days to come.

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