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Hot Wheels Track Builder System Stunt Kit Playset

We love this Hot Wheels Track Builder System. Offering hours of fun, both from practising and also competing against family & friends. Drop Down Challenge, Long Jump Challenge, Criss-Cross Challenge,  and Vertical Challenge – who will come out top?

There are also loads of different challenges and track layouts to make from the parts within the kit

How Much Does It Cost?

A set of hot wheels track builder stunt kit costs $29.99 in a couple of stores in the mall according to reports, at the time of writing. This kit is great and it comes with multiple configurations for your kid to enjoy nearly endless stunts.

Who Would Buy It?

Suggested age range is 4-10 years of age, but hey the fun doesn’t need to stop at 10, we think adults will enjoy playing too! Very young kids may need the help of adults to put it together. This kit can be set up in any four different gravity-defying configurations.  There are only 24 pieces in this kit, but it is ample. After building a basic stunt base, you can choose the build that will suit the number of experience level i.e. High dump (1); Criss cross (2); Long Jump (3) and The drop (4).  Don’t forget there’s a car included too. If you’re tired of one build, you can take it apart and then rebuild it into a different one.


Hot Wheels Track Builder System Stunt Kit Playset - Out Of Box

Things We Like About It

It provides multiple ways to play for many hours of uninterrupted fun: With the kit, kids can experiment with how high they can go, how high they can jump and how well to aim and avoid crashing. It’s sturdy too, doesn’t wobble like other flimsy types of products. And with each stunt launching the next stunt, the kid can create a thrilling chain reaction.

Things we did not like about it
It takes a fairly long time to pull apart the set and rebuild the next configuration which could deter kids with little patience, but with practice, this will speed up.

Is It Worth The Money?
Considering the number of pieces you get for around 29-35 dollars we would say that this Hot Wheels set represents good value. Check out the Stunt Box Set here, that we also reviewed.

Where Can I Buy It?
The Hot wheels track builder system stunt kit playset can be purchased online and in some local retail toy stores. If you want the set shipped right to your door Amazon is the best bet.



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