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Future Coders Robot Races, the Latest Toy That Every Young Child Should Have

I said to my friend ” quick, gift ideas for a 4-year-old boy ” and got the piece of advice; ‘ something educational yet fun’ so here we are. Have you ever paused for a moment and wondered what the world would look like without coders? Well, our lives would be filled with boredom, no video games to enjoy, no special android applications and even all the interesting websites will be unheard of! You see from this what most people don’t comprehend is that all these exciting internet stuff needs coding to exist and run. So, as you can see, it’s really important we need to teach the coming generation how to code, and its fun!

Coding Toys

It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly youngsters can learn how to code. If you’re wondering how you can do this, then coding toys are your best solution. Every kid loves to play with a toy and if it can help improve their coding expertise the better. An example of a coding toy is the Future Coders Robot Racers that is a product of the Alex Brands.

Who Are Alex Brands?

Alex Brands is a company founded in the 80’s specifically to manufacture children’s toys. The toys range from those suitable for toddlers through to those for teenagers. Their main objective is to develop the creativity level of the people that use their toys whils they still have fun. The years spent and experience earned in the market has made it possible for them to be versatile and have a great range of products.  This is how we can get to play with cool items like the Future Coders Robot Races. You can view their full product range here.

Details on Future Coders Robot Races

This game is aimed at helping the player not only get entertained but also improve their coding ability. Your kids will soon get hooked and want to stay glued to the game until they have solved all challenges.

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What does Future Coders Robot Races entail?

You are now probably wondering what the game entails to be that interesting! Well, while playing your child solves tasks which allow them to then finish the race.  You’ll see that no definite route is given to them to use. that’s up to them to solve!

This toy is made up of,

  • 30 Direction Tiles
  • Instructions
  • Playing Mat
  • 44 stickers
  • Timers
  • Robot Hat
  • 20 Level cards
  • Googly Eyes

What Are The Age Limitations?

Children aged 4 and above are going tp get the most from this toy.

Our Summary

Coding has always been an interesting career that has had better returns and a positive impact on the technology world. Therfore, for a youngster, this is a great way of widening their opportunities and career choices . Robot Races are not only educational but a perfect gift idea for a 4 year old boy, or girl!


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