Fun And Safe: Kidzone Bumper Car

Kidzone bumper cars

The Kidzone Bumper Car is an excellent way to give your children a safe place to play while at the same time giving them something fun and exciting. This product features two separate bumper cars that are individually controlled by kids, so it’s perfect for siblings or friends who want to race against each other. The car also includes lights and sounds, which will keep your child entertained for hours on end!

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Kidzone DIY Race #00-99 6/V

This 6 volt ride on car is perfect for young kids aged between one and three years old. The ride-on has a low seat that makes it easy for little ones to climb in, while the controls are child friendly so they can start driving immediately.

The Kidzone toy car is a fully rechargeable and powered ride that can spin 360 degrees with its simple joystick or remote control.

The Amazing Bumper Car is a great introduction to the world of kids electric cars. Simplified joystick controls and max speed of 0.75mph make this 6v car simple enough for beginners, yet challenging enough that even experienced drivers will love playing with it!

You don’t have to worry about the cars being too fast for your little one. With a max speed of just 0.75mph, these easy-to-control electric vehicles are an amazing introduction into the world of kids’ toy cars!

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This bumper car is guaranteed to be as safe for your child as it can get! The anti-flat tires and safety belt are just two of the many features that make this toy an excellent choice. Children aged one and a half years old up should enjoy playing with these bumpers, while older siblings may want them too (they’re recommended).

No assembly required! Simply connect the battery wire and you’re ready to go, no personalization is needed. This race number display is perfect for your next event because it’s easy to make with a custom color screen that lets people know they can customize their own numbers (00 – 99).

Racing Car #00-99 12/V

Give your toddler or preschooler some independence with this 12 volt ride-on car. The riding toy features forward and reverse gears, so it’s perfect for kids who are just learning how to drive. It also has working headlights and a horn, so your child can role play as they drive along.

Choose between a low speed of 0.7 mph or the max, 1.3mph maximum with this bumper car! This ASTM-certified toy for children ages one and a half years old can be ridden in safety by your little ones thanks to adjustable belts that secure them. No more worries about getting hurt while having fun together. You’re also sure that you’re giving them clean air because there are no emissions!

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This toy is a must-have for those who are looking to have some real fun! The Outstanding Performance 12V Rechargeable Battery Car can drive on any floor including wood and carpet. This tough, durable battery powered vehicle comes equipped with two powerful motors which means it will last longer than most other similar type cars. It also features a tough plastic shell construction so no worries about breaking easily when hitting curbs during playtime!



Perfect Gift for Kids – Scientifically designed kids 360 degrees spinning bumper car, these are available in many choices of color. These include purple, pink, white, yellow, blue and red.

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