Five Retro Christmas Toys I Wish I Still Owned

Retro Toys 1980

My sister was waxing nostalgic when I mentioned I had read Top Ten Toys of Yesterday: 1980s by Judith Blakley. I started thinking about my favorite Retro toys and games that I received as Christmas gifts. I no longer have these Christmas toys, but I wish I did.


5 Retro Christmas Toys I Miss the Most


#1 Retro Childhood Christmas Toy I Miss the Most:
Handheld PacMan

It’s funny that this was considered “handheld” because it was barely smaller than a household blender. The PacMan game was as fun as the original arcade version. Receiving this Christmas toy was a big deal, since it cost about $60 at the time. That was a lot of money for a Christmas gift for kids back in the early 80s.

I remember I really wanted the Handheld Pacman game because I loved playing the arcade version. The video game was in the shape of the “real” arcade game, which my sister and I spent hours playing on the evenings of summer vacations in Wells, Maine.

I have since outgrown handheld video games, even though the systems themselves have only shrunk. If I had this Handheld PacMan back I would certainly play it.



#2 Retro Childhood Christmas Toy I Miss the Most:
Grease Photo Book

The Grease picture book was not a toy, but I had hours of fun with this thing. I have never seen anything like it produced for any other movie. The book was the size of a standard mass market fiction book. The entire book was made of color, glossy pages with photos from every scene in the movie Grease with Olivia Newton John and John Travolta. The nearest thing I’ve found recently is the Frenchy’s Grease Scrapbook: We’ll Always Be Together.

I admit it, this musical still holds a place on my top movie list. But what about that book? I think it also contained some script from the movie and the dialogue.



#3 Retro Childhood Christmas Toy I Miss the Most:
Round White Radio on a Chain

Research has revealed that this cute and round radio is the Panasonic R-70 “Panapet.” This portable radio went with me everywhere. Looking at images of it now, I could see my son loving this radio. It still has a modern, anthropomorphic appeal, much like the Chumby.

Panasonic R 70 Panapet


#4 Retro Childhood Christmas Toy I Miss the Most:
Barbie Townhouse

The Barbie Townhouse was the gift for little girls back in 1976. The Barbie Townhouse was the gift I wanted most back when Barbie was my favorite toy. This range is still popular today, read our review here on the Barbie Townhouse and see if it brings back memories.




#5 Retro Childhood Christmas Toy I Miss the Most:
Easy Bake Oven

My final favorite childhood toy I miss the most is the Easy Bake Oven. I don’t really think it was a good idea to give small children a cooking appliance, but then again, I used it, I didn’t get hurt or burn down the house, and I survived. The Easy Bake Oven has gone through a number of make overs, and has remained popular still in the past few years. Still available to order here.

I owe my baking skills to the Easy Bake Oven.

Those are the Retro childhood Christmas toys that I miss the most.

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