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Fisher Price SMART CYCLE
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The Fisher Price Smart Cycle: It’s Every Child’s Dream Ride

The rains are pouring and the playgrounds are wet.  Your child is already showing signs of restlessness and boredom and you have no clue how to keep the dam from bursting.  You know he ( or she ) needs their exercise, but what could you possibly do to keep him occupied? Let him ride the Fisher Price Smart Cycle, that’s what.  A combination of a video game console, stationary bike and learning tools, not only will they spend hours and hours of countless interactive fun, they’ll also be learning along the way. Not bad for a rainy afternoon, right?

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Geared towards 3-6 years old, the Fisher Price Smart Cycle combines the excitement of video game playing and the exhilaration of playing outdoors.  The software also reinforces important pre-school concepts like letters, numbers, shapes and colors in interchangeable environments featuring your child’s favourite cartoon character giving them encouragement all the way.  It also features different modes (Explore/Encounter mode and Arcade Games mode) which your child can play for variation.


Plus, they can also customize their cycle themes (sold separately) to suit their moods and personalities.  The Fisher Price Smart Cycle cartridges are also available in different popular characters like Sponge Bob, Dora, Barbie, Hotwheels and Dinoland.

Plus, this game isn’t too complicated to set up.  All you need to do is plug it into your TV’s input jacks, no need for a separate gaming unit.  It’s very easy to install and just needs four “D” batteries and your child is well on your way to fast and speedy learning at their own pace. The game requires that the child constantly keeps moving by pedalling so they can move up the different levels.


The bright buttons and strategically placed joy sticks makes for easy access and navigation so your child speeds through the games while learning their alphabet and counting at the same time.  With a wide array of game cartridges to choose from, there’s never a dull moment and learning will be something your child looks forward to, guaranteed to keep them entertained rain or shine.  Also, the Smart Cycle has height-adjustable seats so the learning never has to stop as it grows with your child.  It’s a guaranteed tool to keep boredom at bay and sharpening your child’s mental skills.



The downside of the Smart Cycle however, is that the instructions for some of the games may be difficult to understand and the handlebars used for steering and turning during the game are not height-adjustable.





The Last Word:

Now you’ll never have to dread rainy days again with the Fisher Price Smart Cycle – whoever said learning was boring has probably never tried the Smart Cycle.  It offers versatility, fun, flexibility and easy learning.  Try it now and watch as your kids ride and speed their way to excellent alphabet and number skills that will start them off on a great academic career – easy to use and easy to maintain, the Fisher Price Smart Cycle is easily and decidedly every parent’s best friend.

We especially like the fact Smart Cycle is compatible with Apple iPad, Apple TV, most Android tablets, Android TV, Amazon Fire tablets, and Amazon FireTV.

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