Fisher Price Loving Family Dollhouse

Fisher price Loving Family Dollhouse

The Fisher Price Loving Family  Dollhouse: All About Family

Dollhouses are not just for pretending to play house…playing with one has taught more little girls all about family and good family values.  Each doll portraying a member of the family, from the parents to the siblings teach little girls all about how family should stick together and how they will always be there for you no matter what.  Like the Fisher Price Loving Family Dollhouse.




The Victorian-style house features 6 rooms with a doll family with twins.  The Fisher Price Loving Family  Dollhouse can open up to reveal all 6 extra-large rooms for easy access and easy decorating.  The house also features a curving staircase, with charmingly realistic details with the top floor serving as the twins’ playroom.  Painted in charming colors and detailed for a “grand” touch, the dollhouse comes with 4th floor balcony and 2nd floor patio off the kitchen.


The entire Fisher Price Loving Family Dollhouse closes up with all the furniture and dolls inside for easy storage.  It is the perfect dollhouse to start your little girl on and will definitely get her into dollhouses.  It allows for hours of imaginative fun and learning of family values that she can carry into adulthood when she starts her own family.  She can learn to create fond family memories as she explores each room and decorates each one according to her heart’s desire.  Easy to assemble and no batteries needed as you’ll just need to decorate and add the interior designs since the house itself comes already assembled.

29 inches high
32 inches wide, 40 inches with the swing frame extended
15 inches deep, 21 deep with the porch floor dropped down



Made of good quality material as can be expected from the Fisher Price Loving Family Dollhouse, the downside is that the dollhouse doesn’t come with any realistic sounds or lights.  Plus, more furniture could’ve been added for more decorating options as well as a realistic family vehicle. A pool or a balcony would have also been an added plus.


Furniture Packs

The good news is you can purchase separate pieces to go with the house and add on as time goes by for a more timeless and personal touch. Parents bedroom,   Family Room, kids bedroom, Kitchen etc.

All in all, however, little girls will love playing with this particularly with the baby girl and boy twins.  It helps them develop healthy relationships with their own siblings.




The Last Word:

A dollhouse is more than just a toy.  It helps shape childhood memories and helps form the way a little girl looks at family.  By including dolls that represent familiar and dear people in their lives, they learn to know what it is to grow up into a loving family that takes care of one another all the time.  And with Fisher Price Loving Family Dollhouse to play with, they achieve just that.  Parents who have bought this dollhouse as gifts for their children have expressed their pleasure with the product and how their own children enjoy playing with it and how it has kept them entertained for hours and hours.  Try it out now and get a chance to let your child know what a loving family is.

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