Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Care Cart

Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Care Cart from Just Play
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Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Care Cart from Just Play

Hi there and welcome to my Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart review.

Children love to play at vets as they can help their toys get better again when they are not well.

Combine that with a popular Disney junior character and TV show and you’ve a pretend play toy lots of children will love.

Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Care Cart In Box

During this review I’ll be looking at product features, listing good things I liked about the Cart while researching it and also bringing to your attention any things I didn’t like.

So Here We Have The Doc McStuffins Introductions

Little ones love the thought of helping their stuffed toys get better again when they’re not well.

They love the idea of being able to copy Doc from the tv show broadcast on Disney Junior.

They can get their toys in line and have the patients patiently waiting to be seen.

During the check-up or treatment time, children will be able to position the toy characters in the center of the cart – similar to a table in the doctor’s clinic – to diagnose why the patient is ill.

Your child can use the instruments that come with the cart, a kid-powered blood pressure pump, talking EKG and X-ray card to identify Findo’s problem.

When it is time to move to the following patient, the cart plays the “Welcome to the Hospital” melody from the Disney Junior animated show.

Created with lights as well as sounds, this child-size cart boosts the imaginative play, so that your aspiring doctor thinks he or she is taking a medical facility to the patient.


Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart Summary Features

  • Light & sound patient scanner with two interchangeable cards
  • Talking EKG area with a printout EKG roller
  • Child powered blood pressure pump
  • A real working drawer
  • A patient bed
  • Plays the “Welcome to the Hospital” song from the TV show.
  • Little doggie Findo comes with the cart to be your first patient
  • Ages 3+ and Up


How much does this item cost?

This ‘pretend’ play toy sells for about the $60 mark.

Who would you buy this item for?

The manufacturer suggests that the age range for this toy is 3 years old and older.

They do not recommend it for younger children as there are some small parts.

Things we like about the product

The small wheels that look like they are flowers can easily roll smoothly on surfaces while your child makes her rounds through one room to another in order to pay a visit to her toy patients.

The cart comes complete with the numerous things that kids can use their creative imagination with to care for any of their injured or unwell toys.

Whether the toy is ill or maybe in for a checkup, the cart has every little thing your child may need to help out. The cart includes a light that permits youngsters to examine their toys plus it has a scanner.

Children will enjoy using the X-ray to observe what’s wrong with their toys. The X-ray comes along with cards that show the heroes from the Disney Junior show.

While checking the patient’s heart using the EKG, the cart can allow kids to see heart patterns of the patients.

The heart rhythm instrument is on a roller at the front end of the cart for convenient access.

There’s also a blood pressure level pump so youngsters are able to see how their patient is coming along.

A well-known song that children hear on the program can play and you will find various buttons along with things which will make sounds just like those you would hear in a real doctor’s office.

The cart holds all of their medical equipment neatly inside the drawer so that when children have to rush away to deal with the following patient, all they must do is load it up and head off out..

The cart comes with one little dog, Findo. He’s not well so your child can start straight away you administer loving care and attention to get him better as soon as possible.


Things we didn’t like about the Care Cart

There wasn’t really anything to dislike about this imaginative toy.
Seriously, watching the face light up was more than enough joy.

Click here if you have decided to get your child one of these.


Is this must have gift worth the money?

Subjective, really and $55-60 is a fair cost to spend. Don’t be spending anything over that though, is my suggestion.

However, judging from the reviews, these parents didn’t regret the purchase at all.


Where can I buy the Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart

The Care Cart is available at lots of places online and in retail stores too. We would recommend you check it out here.


Hospital Care Cart Final thoughts

The Hospital Care Cart is a toy which is educational and also a child favorite due to the popular Doc McStuffins character.

The cart is a really fun, entertaining and on-the-go play thing that’s beautifully made with lots of eye-catching colors.

The cart doesn’t just encourage children to make use of their imaginations but also educates them to always be kind and caring to others.


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