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best of the dexterity toy for toddlers
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We wanted to find the best of the dexterity toys for toddlers, something for the youngsters who can enjoy playing while improving their motor skills. We found it, and it’s the….

Kick and Play Piano Gym  by Fisher-Price


  • Age recommended: 4 months – 2 years
  • Four main ways to play, but with music the potential is unlimited!
  • It has a power button and volume options. This is important since some others are just like “I hope you don’t like quiet places, since your home is about to have funny sounds 24/7 for the next three years!”
  • Includes bonus toys like a funny hippo teether, a clacker that is also an elephant, a rollerball with the shape of a frog.
  • Psst psst! If you want to raise a Rock-Star/Musician, well, this helps there too. But don’t forget that it has to be their choice in the future okay!

A Fisher-Price Kick & Play Piano Gym


As we have seen so far, the top toys for babies come in many shapes and styles. Some are just a cute, small object. Others come in basic shapes that your baby can manipulate in unlimited ways. And some, are what is most commonly known as “Play zones” or “Baby gyms”. This one is in the latter ones. Having at least one of these is important because besides the baby’s cradle it’s good to have places where they can relax and have a good time.

The “four ways to play” in short means, you can adjust the piano to be vertical or horizontal aligned and also change the blue bar’s position. Basically, your baby can lay on it (the mat is super soft) and kick the piano to play music or just enjoy some amazing stimulation. It has a bit of everything, from the key sounds to the lights and the motor skills involved.  It’s fantastic. The other ways are tummy time, to sit and play the piano there, or just grab the piano and go anywhere. Yep, it’s removable, it even has a handle! Go show everyone your skills on family Sunday!

Fisher-Price Kick & Play Piano Gym In Box

Interesting facts:

  • The recommended age says limit is 2 years, but that one is mainly referring to the whole play zone. Your baby can keep the piano if he/she doesn’t mind having one octave only! I’m sure it won’t be a problem.
  • The animal toys within reach are not just “nice extras”. Your baby will spend a great amount of time with them, it’s way better than the ceiling

Final Thoughts

Dexterity toys for toddlers are an important part of a childs development. This product will entertain and teach at the same time and will offer hours upon hours of pleasure. This Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym is an ever popular selection and we think it’s a wonderful product. Currently available in Pink or multicolor Blue/Green.

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