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As Christmas time approaches, typical decorations and holiday themed items can be found scattered all around town. The days leading up to Christmas can be hectic but advent calendars offer a way to tone down the craziness, giving families the opportunity to come together for a special time everyday as the countdown begins. Combining this beautiful tradition with the expert designs only LEGO can produce creates a world of opportunity for creativity and fun all while building up excitement for the big day. Below we have 2 of the most sought-after LEGO advent calendars, which we will take a deeper look at hoping to help you come to a decision on which is the better buy. You will find a detailed description followed by our thoughts on which is the best and why we thought so.

LEGO Advent Calendar - LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar 75964 Building Kit,

LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Harry Potter fans will be delighted with this set as it comes with 305 total pieces including all of the most admired wizards like Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and Dumbledore. Create the Great Hall Christmas dinner movie scene with tables and food galore or design your own scene by combining traditional LEGO pieces which fit perfectly. The original Hogwarts Express and Hedwig are part of the featured special pieces along with fireplaces and Christmas décor to awaken the holiday spirit.


All 4 house crests are represented in this set to easily organize the display and dinner guests accordingly. With this LEGO advent calendar, 24 total surprise figures are revealed as the days pass and Christmas draws near. Each figure is carefully crafted including all of the smallest details. Sizes of blocks vary allowing the imagination to run wild, constructing snowy paradises with Hogwarts in the midst. Figurines of the famous wizards feature LEGOs staple hand grip, fitting goblets and platters with ease. Tables feature pop up pieces to arrange dinner to your liking with all dishes staying put without a need to worry about losing or dropping small parts. Apart from the key Harry Potter pieces, you will find standard blocks for building with ease that can be combined with other original LEGO sets.

This product is recommended for children 7 and up, coming with a choking hazard due to small pieces. Manufacture’s warranty states that any pieces missing or damaged upon opening will be replaced. There are also a ton of accessories from the same line of Harry Potter LEGO products that can be added to the set as the years pass making for a beautiful Christmas scene uniquely constructed by the family. These fit the scene and will be sure to excite every fan of the wizard saga and bring Christmas joy. And with a price set to fit any budget, all families can enjoy its magic.


LEGO City Advent Calendar

Before we even spill the details, we would like to mention that this set came in at #9 on the list of Amazon’s Top 100 Toys and Games. An oasis of snow creates the perfect backdrop with this advent LEGO city set. Create a magical city with figurines like snowmen and Santa Clause, Christmas trees, and bulldozers.  All accessories included fit securely into the grips and sockets of figures, making each scene customizable. There are 24 separate compartments revealing presents for every day closer to Christmas. As each piece is revealed it can be added seamlessly into the town creating a city of your own or changing the scenes by day.

There are 7 total minifigures which include townspeople and husky dogs along with snow vehicles like sleighs and snowmobiles typically seen sweeping the snowing streets around the city. The set includes 234 pieces total, some of which include standard blocks for creative building. Like most other LEGO products, these all can be combined together with other original LEGO blocks to create masterpieces; there is no set way or instruction manual when it comes to LEGO builders.  A few of these pieces are smaller therefore it is marked with a choking hazard for safety and recommended for children (and adults!) over the age of 5.  As per LEGO’s warranty, all pieces are guaranteed to be included and in the case that they are missing will be replaced. If there are any damaged pieces, LEGO also promises to send replacements putting customer satisfaction at the top of their priority list.

No need to worry about budget, especially during the holidays, as this LEGO advent calendar comes with a mid-range price tag that all families will be happy with. Keep track of the days with a fun activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family with this cheerful Christmas advent calendar from experts at LEGO.


Our Choice


Both sets give families the same opportunity to count down the days and both also come with an average price tag suitable for all budgets. Both come with LEGO quality pieces and can be combined with other original sets and pieces creating a world full of opportunities. Each has the same warranty that comes standard with LEGO products making them seemingly similar.

While the Harry Potter set is similarly priced, it comes with more pieces than the LEGO city calendar however this is not the make or break. What we liked better about the LEGO city calendar was its ability to be enjoyed universally. Though there are several Harry Potter fans all around the world, not all families enjoy the wizard saga and therefore it is a much more specialized product. For this reason, we have decided the best to buy is the LEGO city advent calendar. Once the pieces are revealed they can be kept for years to come, bringing the same joy into the home as the years before.


With the holidays drawing near it can be difficult to remember how important quality moments are with the family. Advent calendars promote togetherness and bring a family activity into the home that can be enjoyed by all. What better way to count down the days than with the crafty and colorful fun created by LEGO building blocks?

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