Christmas Toys 2018

Christmas Toys 2018

5 Must Have Christmas Toys 2018


We have highlighted these as 5 toys that people will be fighting over in the stores nearer the holiday period. Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday disappointment when the stocks have all sold out, we suggest you look to buy these early so you know your little ones will not miss out this year.


  • furReal Shaggy Shawn – Hasbro’s line of FurReal Pets

Watch out for 3 new, smaller product releases. These include Munchin’ Rex, the adorable snack-loving dinosaur and also Shaggy Shawn, a rather unkempt  Yorkie pup who just needs a loving home.

[amazon box=”B071WMP215″]

Kids can pretend they’re pet groomers and take turns at transforming Shaggy Shawn, into a dashing, smooth looking type of pooch instead. Shawn comes compete with toy hair clippers. These produce buzzing sounds and vibrations to enhance the play session. With furReal Shaggy Shawn, you don’t need to worry about having to take him out for a walk, clean up after him or worry about vet bills.
Roarin’ Tyler, the Playful Tiger cub, or the adorable FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon are another couple of popular characters from this range by Hasbro.
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  • Funko Pop!

Wow is all we can say here. It seems almost anything is in the range, from Marvel products, Star Wars, Harry Potter. You name it, they most probably produce it. As the company say “ everyone is a fan of something” and they have hit the nail right on the head with that statement.

[amazon bestseller=” DC action figures”]

Funko Pop!

DC Wonder Woman action figure, Ron Swanson  figurine, Dancing Groot bobble figure or an Avengers Affinity War Thor collectors figure, there are hundreds to choose from.



  • Escape Room in a Box – The Werewolf Experiment Game

The clock is ticking once players open the game. This is because they have been exposed to a virus that will turn them into Werewolves. Get hearts racing with this exciting game, inspired by every popular escape room experiences. Players have just one-hour to solve puzzles, attempt to crack codes and seek out hidden clues in an attempt to thwart Dr. Cynthia Gnaw and her mad scientist’s plot.

Werewolf Experiment Game

Connect to the Amazon Alexa to keep track of time, get tips and hints,  ask questions and play a special soundtrack to enhance the experience as you complete 2D and 3D puzzles. With 19 puzzles, 3 locks and only 60 minutes, can you save yourself?


  • Minnie’s Walk & Play Puppy Feature Plush

Minnie Mouse has got herself a new puppy and wants to train it the correct way. No nasty prong collars or shock collars here, Minnie is going to clicker train her puppy.

Minnie’s Walk & Play Puppy Feature Plush has 2 modes of entertainment. Firstly use the  clicker to teach Snowpuff to bark, spin, and also to dance. Secondly it’s time to go walkies. Just attach one end of the leash to Minnie’s hand after fastening the other end to Snowpuff’s collar.  Now this adorable pair are ready to go on a real walk!

Just Play Minnie's Walk & Play Puppy

Minnie sings and talks to Snowpuff, and in reply you’ll hear Snowpuff make cute doggy sounds!

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