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Chippette is a classy pink puppy, the new kid on the block and she loves to play with Chip. Chippo is the toughest of the pack, a black puppy with a gold doggy-bone collar who wants to be your favorite watchdog. Chipper is a funny blue robotic toy dog, who is eager to play and make you laugh.
Welcome to the CHIP (Canine Home Intelligent Pet) range and our Chip Robot Dog review.

Now before you think this is just another robot dog and might end up gathering dust in a closet or your garage, well, think again. Woof, woof this is different. Very different.

The truth is, 2017 has seen some major real advances in pet robotics and artificial intelligence.  2018 is going to be the year when tech toys come alive and finally start matching their claims. 2019 is the prefect time for one to join you in your home.

Chip is an amazing charming robot puppy. While it won’t replace a real life Fido, it’s pretty close.  It’s an AI interactive toy that will actually grow an emotional attachment to your child.  It’s almost unbelievable.


Our Chip Robot Dog Review

Chip comes equipped with a Smartband, a Smartbed and a SmartBall which we talk about later.  For now just  Check out this video.  It’s amazing!

Recommended for ages 6 – 15 and anyone with an interest in robotics and artificial intelligence.  

We especially liked…

Do you remember all those wacky clumsy robotic dogs of the past on legs that could barely move. If you do then you’ll love it that Chip The Robot Dog moves on wheels. The mecanum wheels can move a vehicle or toy in any direction. So, this lets chip move with speed, agility, and multi direction so he can follow you around easily and play games with his ball, and with you.

Chips SmartBed serves as a homebase for him to sleep and recharge.  When his battery is low he will return to his bed, back in, sit down, and recharge automatically.  And he doesn’t poop on the carpet!CHIP (Canine Home Intelligent Pet)

About Chippette

Chippette is a classy pink puppy with a heart-shaped collar, who loves to cuddle with you after playing all day. Pet Chippette’s head for different reactions including sniffs, barks, puppy kisses, and even a sneeze!

Use the matching remote control to make Chippette dance, sing, chase her tail, or tell her which way to roll.

Along with Chippo ( black ) and Chipper ( blue) there’s fun all around.


chippette robot dog review

Chippette is a classy pink puppy

Chip comes with a SmartBall you use to train him to fetch, and bring the ball back to you.  You can even play soccer with him. This is a fun way of utilizing a very tech toy to keep your children active, thinking, and having fun.

To control Chip you need to use the SmartBand (for the wrist) and he will recognize you as his master and no one else as his owner. There are lots of interactive functions and actions that can be carried out between you, Chip and the SmartBand.

This is one of the real beauties of this toy in that you can, for instance, reward Chip for good behavior.  He will get to know what you like or don’t like, and this makes him unique to each owner. Like a real dog you can train Chip to come, to heel, or stay. You can even get him to attack people that are annoying you, luckily he doesn’t bite!  A robot dog attacking, that I’ve got to see!

Chip will constantly be updated to provide a better user experience with more features and improvements as time goes on.  CHIP (Canine Home Intelligent Pet) comes with a warranty for peace of mind.

We didn’t like…

chippies robot dog review

WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dogs

Chip is strictly an indoor robotic dog.  So don’t plan on taking him outside for walks around the neighborhood.  He’s helpless on grass, sand, and soft dirt.

Is Chip Worth The Money…?

Well, we think it’s a good buy for the price..  And this one is sure to have a lot of use and fun for anyone.  If you didn’t watch the movie above, watch it.  You’ll be amazed.  It will be constantly updated through its apps so kids shouldn’t grow bored with it.


Okay,Where Can I Buy It?

Available to order online along with WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog – Chipper (Blue) and WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog – Chippo (Black)

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