Cheap Christmas Toys for Boys

Fisher-Price Michael and His Rescue Rig

It seems like there are still a wide range of Christmas toys available this year that are popular and inexpensive. Perhaps, the poor economy has forced some of the toy manufacturers to lower their prices. You can buy a small boy quality presents that are cheap and inexpensive this holiday season.



Here is a list of six top choices that he is sure to love.

1) Fisher-Price Shake ‘N Go: Disney Pixar’s Cars The Movie – Lightning McQueen Piston Cup Edition

These cars are amazing. You simply shake them and they begin to rubble and talk. Then you set them on the ground and away they go. You can buy the Shake N Go cars in just about any character from the hit Disney movie Cars. These are the best toys. My son and daughter both adore them. They also have a very long battery life. These cars are the perfect size for small hands to play with. They seem indestructible because my son has actually dropped his into the toilet bowl and the bathtub on several occasions but it still runs. It just took a day to dry out. These cars originally retailed for the price of a lunch, but these have become collectors items. I have found a cheaper option at a better price here



2) Scooby-Doo: Mystery Inc. Action Figures

If your little boy is a fan of Scooby Doo then these action figures are a must. They are cute, durable, and they stand up unaided. You get the whole gang in one pack. They retail about around $20 for the five figures set and $30 for the ten figure sets. On my travels I have seen them at ToysRUs both on the website and at the store but bought them cheaper via this link


3) Mega Bloks 80-Piece Set – Primary Colors

Both my son and daughter love to play with these huge blocks. They are easier for little hands to utilize then Lego’s. You can purchase a huge bag blue aimed at young boys and pink detail for the young girls to enjoy
in simple primary colors for only $19.99 in well known local stores. This is the one toy that my son and daughter will actually sit together and share without bickering.


4) Fisher-Price Little People: Michael And His Rescue Rig

This durable little fire truck is indestructible and a must have for any little boy to pretend he is a fireman.It makes a perfect first firetruck gift.
This set includes firefighter Michael & the figure is articulated and have a more realistic look that’s key to the older age imaginative play . This fun toy even lights up.



5) Animal Planet Big Bucket of Dinosaurs

This is a wonderful toy for any little boy. The tub is huge and loaded with every kind of dinosaur imaginable. It also comes with rocks, trees, and two volcano’s to play with. There is even a play mat to add to the joy of the pretend play. I saw this at ToysRUs a couple of months ago and I knew my son would adore it so I bought it as an early Christmas present.
I think any l little boy will adore this toy. They also sold a Bigger Bucket with 100 pieces. This contains over 40 dinosaurs from over a dozen species in countless sizes, shapes and colors, a big resilient 23″ x 19″ play mat, 12 cavemen, and a huge variety of structures and prehistoric foliage
This toy is made by Animal Planet and it is suppose to teach your child through hands on and imaginative play.

6) 8″ Surge The Frilled Raptor – Imaginext Adventures – Fisher-Price

This is a fantastic toy , I bought one when they were first launched and back then I paid $16.99. He is furry and you press his button to make him roar and walk. He even opens his mouth when roaring. Any little boy will adore this raptor, so you can order one online.  It is by Fisher Price who always makes durable and outstanding toys that are sure to be enjoyed by anyone and if you’re interested in one, here is the link to buy.


We know that there are hundreds of new toys released each year just in time for the holiday season. They’re then marketed on tv, in the cinema, in publications, online to create a frenzy for the latest ‘must haves’. We appreciate that not all families have the spare money to be able to buy what their kids want. While the youngsters are at a very young age, they don’t appreciate the value or newness of their gifts. It’s only as they’re getting older and peer pressure comes into play that it’s more difficult to say no to them.

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