Big Boys Toys Suggestions

Big Boys Toys Holy Stone HS100G Drone

You’ve heard people refer to someone as a ‘big kid’ due to the way they act. So we decided to look at some great boys toys for those big kids you have in your life. Not just sons, but boyfriends, brothers, husbands and dare we even say dads ? Let’s forget the Rolex, the Supercar track day or the Armani suit and let’s have a look at toys for the big boys. We appreciate as people get older, their tastes tend to get more expensive too. So instead of suggesting dropping $100,000 on a White Lamborghini, we’ll look at more affordable options.

Toys aren’t just for small boys, and we’ve decided to look for some suggestions for the young men in your life. Teenagers, Twenty somethings and above – Here’s some ideas for the gifts for these guys. We’ve scoured the web for gift ideas for boys, brothers, boyfriends and husbands of all ages. Too long to read, then just click the buy now links and go straight to the store instead.

Big Boys Toys

The best way to make a kid happy is by surprising them with some special gift. This becomes more special for them when you surprise them on some special occasion. Just assume, you want something badly and the very next day your friend surprises you with that thing. Yes, it feels really awesome and makes relationships much stronger.

So if you also want a better connection with your child then surprising them with gifts and having friendly talks with them is a great way to build such stronger relationship with your child. Now the question arises that what should you gift them. That’s why here we are to help you out with some cool suggestions to gift big boys with some cool toys. All you need to do is to focus reading this content till the end and make sure you don’t miss any part.

What To Get A 15-Year-Old Boy

Surprising small kids with gifts is not that tough a task, in all honesty. It’s more difficult to find suitable presents for teenagers. I remember once I wanted to surprise my 15 years old nephew with a toy. But trust me, those days are gone when kids got satisfied just with a kids toy type toy. Grown-up boys want something really cool which can excite them. They’re wanting ‘real’ toys, not kids toys. This is why we decided to offer up some Big Boys Toys Suggestions.

I tried listening to suggestions from my friends and they suggested me to buy something cool like RC car. Thank god, my nephew was satisfied and happy with that Cool Ferrari RC car. I don’t want anyone of you to get stuck trying to find something suitable to buy. That’s why we decided to give you guys Big Boys Toys Suggestions. So here we are going to list several suggesions that you can gift to a 15-year grown-up boy.

Big Boys Toys

15 is an age where a kid matures into a young man. . The games and toys we are going to list here are chosen by our team. We wanted to find out what things can make a teenager and older, happy.  So here we’ll be covering with several products which you can purchase online to surprise your ‘ big boy ‘. Make sure to look at them all and so let’s begin;

LEGO Technic RC Tracked Racer 42065 Building Kit


The codename is one of the cheapest games available on the online stores. It is a social word game which can be played by a group of players and as well as by their teams. The game all depends upon guessing, the team who guesses all their agents just by using their codenames, wins the game. This game helps to increase concentration and thinking ability of a child as they need to concentrate over all of the codenames and figure out their agents.[amazon box=”B014Q1XX9S”]

This game is a must to play for all kids, as it improves brain power of a kid. Also, they can play it with their family, friends, and parents as well. [amazon link=”B014Q1XX9S”] lasts longer when you play in a group of four players. But you can increase the players and distribute teams to make the playing more interesting. To get a better understanding of this game, I’d suggest to read the reviews. They’re enough to impress you.

Avalon Hill The Great Dalmuti

This product may sound weird, but it’s actually  a unique Card Game. Normally, decks of standard playing cards contain 52 cards of 4 suites. But this is a way different from them. This deck of  cards comes with 80 cards in it. It contains a series of cards from number 12 to 1 which also features two jokers in it.[amazon box=”B000BZB56W”]

One more interesting thing about this deck of card is that each card can tell you that how many similar cards are available in the deck. For e.g., this deck of cards contains 12 cards with the number 12, 11 cards with the number 11, 2 cards with the number 2, and so on. The player needs to finish all cards first to win the round and usually, a round lasts long for 15 minutes. The one who goes out first wins the round and further proceeds for the next rounds.[amazon link=”B000BZB56W”]is a popular game and is one to add to your collection.

Lords of Waterdeep

The “[amazon link=”0786959916″]”, not only the name sounds cool but actually, the game is. This is another amazing Euro-style board game which revolves around Waterdeep. The players of this game are called the “Lords of Waterdeep” and they need to complete quests. It is an amazing adventure game which can last long for more than an hour. Two players can play this game to compete against each other but it becomes more exciting while playing with 5 friends. This board comes with all necessary components like the player markers and a rulebook to guide you the rules of the game.[amazon box=”0786959916″]

Cards Against Humanity

Yes, you guessed it right, it is another card game which ships inside a black containing box which says “A party game for horrible people.”. This card game is now available in a new version which comes with new 150+ cards. The deck contains 600 cards in total out of which 500 cards are colored white and left 100 black. This card game also comes with an instruction manual which not only tells you how to play the game but also all the rules which a player must follow.[amazon box=”B004S8F7QM”] [amazon link=”B004S8F7QM”] is a unique party game and is quite simple but very interesting game. The game starts when the first player asks a question from the black card and all the other players need to give the funniest answer from the white card. It sounds normal but you’ll be amazed while playing it Also the reviews of this game tells how exciting this game is. So make sure to read the customer reviews once.

We talked a lot about group player games, now let’s talk about some RC Toys.

Holy Stone HS100G Drone

Forget the basic drones, this one is a bit more advanced. It gives you a lot more advanced features than say the SGOTA Quadcopter. This drone features a camera which allows you to shoot 1080p Full HD videos. You can see the live footage of the drone camera with the use of it’s Wi-Fi transmission technology. It can stream live videos on your mobile up to 1600 ft away from you.

[amazon box=”B07B6TZ575″] To return back, you just need to GPS Auto Return Home button and the drone automatically comes back to its place from where it took off. Also, if the battery gets down, it automatically returns to you. The Follow Me Mode makes the drone follow your movement and shoot videos and click pictures as you want. Overall, this is an Advanced product. Rather than playing with it, one can use it for Filmmaking purposes also. We understand that the [amazon link=”B07B6TZ575″] isn’t cheap, but boy it’s an amazing product.

SGOTA RC High-Speed Toy Boat

A drone you can use in open areas, but if you’ve got a lake or river nearby, here’s another solution.  Time is gone when kids used to play with RC Cars, nowadays most of them love to play with RC Drones or RC Boats. We already listed the drones, so here is the RC Boat. As we mentioned above High Speed, it really is a High-Speed Boat.
[amazon box=”B07CXMRBZS”] This RC Boat runs on a powerful motor of 370rpm/s, which gives an average of 30Km/h. It has unique controls like the Auto Flipping, which allows you to make sharp turns while in speed on the water. This boat is really made up of good built quality, and it also automatically notifies you before the battery gets dead. If you live near to a lake or water, this could be a great present to take out and enjoy the fresh air.


Lego Dimensions Cool Presents for Teenage Guys


LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 Building Kit

So we discussed a lot like Board Games and RC Toys, let’s move on our another section. You may have already got a lot about it by its name. Yes, it’s a Rocket Model Building Kit. Usually, kids love making building kits like Houses, Buildings, etc. But for a 15 years old boy, they seem now a bit boring. That’s why we got to mention this LEGO NASA Building Kit here. It is an amazing Apollo Spacecraft model which also features the lunar lander and lunar orbiter.[amazon box=”B071G3QMS2″] [amazon link=”B071G3QMS2″] is an amazing model which can also work as a Science Project for your kid. It measures 100cm in height and 17cm in diameter. It is enough to make your kid happy because kids of that age love things like Rockets, Space Ships, Outer Space, etc. So yeah, this can also be an amazing option to gift as a Christmas Present for your kid.

LEGO Ideas 21306 Yellow Submarine Building Kit

This is also a LEGO Building Kit Toy of a Yellow Submarine. The above one was a Space Rocket and here it is an underwater submarine. This Submarine Building Kit also includes 4 mini figures called John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and the Ringo Starr. Now, a Jeremy Figure is also added to them.[amazon box=”B01FUFGEHM”]

This [amazon link=”B01FUFGEHM”] comes along with some accessories that include, a Telescope (used by John), a Submarine Motor and an Apple. The new version of this Kit has added a lot more in it. The submarine measures around 13cm in height and 25cm long. It broads somewhere like 6cm. Overall, it can be another good option for your child to play with.

LEGO Technic RC Tracked Racer Building Kit

This is the third piece of LEGO in this list and also the last product which we’re mentioning here. The Technic RC Racer Building Kit is a racing car with over 370 pieces in total. Building the pieces all together gives you an extraordinary Fully Motorized RC Car which can move forward, backward and also turn sideways.
[amazon box=”B072HX96BM”] This [amazon link=”B072HX96BM”] kit includes all accessories like extra motors, battery box and obviously the main remote control. This Technic Racer Car measures around 8” long, 3” in height and 6” wide. There are total 370 pieces in total and it is really fun building it.

Cool Presents for Teenage Guys

We tried to suggest you the best toys for teenage boys just like that of a 15. We started with the Group Board Games, then talked about Remote Control and finally, we also listed some collectable Lego sets..

All these products are good to gift items for your kids as a Christmas present. Furthermore one can also surprise them with these items on other occasions like birthdays, parties or for just a surprise to make your kid happy. We hope you loved these cool presents for teenage guys which we listed here, and surely gift one of them to your ‘kid’ or your relative. If you want to read our reviews on some of the other lego products, just click here and we’ll take you there.

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