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Best Paw Patrol Toys
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Top 5 Best Paw Patrol Toys

Which are the Best Paw Patrol Toys on the marketplace? We narrowed down to the 5 products which we feel should be in your childs toybox. These popular toys come from a respected brand and we have been impartial in choosing these for our shortlist. We think these could be included in a Hot toys for Christmas list as options to choose from.


Paw Patrol, Rubble’s Transforming Bulldozer with Pop-Out Tools, for Ages 3 & Up

This item is ideal for the 3year olds and over, as it’s not too technical. That being said, it’s basically a bulldozer and a figure, to play alongside the vehicle. The scoop on the front and bucket scoop on the back enables objects to be picked up.


1 Rubble figure, 1 transforming bulldozer are what’s included on our number 5 choice.


Paw Patrol, Mighty Pups Super Paws Chase’s Powered Up Cruiser Transforming Vehicle

Number 4 on our list is this transforming car. This police patrol car can change from a normal patrol car to a weaponized pursuit vehicle, quickly and easily.

Included in this set are a mighty Pups Super paws Chase figure, 1 Powered up cruiser vehicle, 2 projectile launchers, 1 instruction sheet. What we like is this doesn’t require batteries, it’s easy to convert so playtime isn’t halted for long.


Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Super Paws Lookout Tower Playset with Lights & Sounds

Number 3 on our list and comes in at the higher price point. This tower features a rotating periscope, a working elevator, & a zip line. When built it stands at 2 ¾ feet tall. The command center is accesssed by flipping open the top section. This toy will provide hours of fun for your youngsters.

Compatible with other vehicles, this isn’t the cheapest toy in the range but it’s a popular selection. Lights and sounds are powered by Uses 3 AAA batteries ( these are included).


Paw Patrol, Marshall’s Fire Engine Vehicle with Collectible Figure, for Kids Aged 3 and Up

This is our number 2 selection, based on the reviews and as it offers excellent value for money and as such is ideal as a stocking filler.

The cute and collectible Marshall Figure comes with his Fire Engine Vehicle and now your kids can use their imagination to help save the town in case of fire or emergency.

And Our Winner Is:

Best Paw Patrol Toys Our Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Construction Truck Review

Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Construction Truck Review

This is our number one choice for best paw patrol toys to buy. The reviews are fantastic, the price is a fair price and this was the toy our panel of youngsters preferred the most.


’Tis the season to be jolly, and what could be more jolly than a brand new toy for your kid. Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Construction Truck is yet another great ‘under the tree’ gift for your kids. The truck is a one-stop-shop for kids because it comes packed with types of equipment, a wrecking ball, a road roller and even has six puppies (sold separately). It lets your child’s imagination run wild and create their own ultimate rescue adventures and play along.


The toy is jam-packed with features to entertain your child. The top comes with a scooper in the front that is movable for those exciting missions. It also comes with attachable steam rollers that double up as a mini wagon for rubble to assist in missions. There are other mini rollers that can be bought independently as well. A swinging wrecking ball that thumps down any hindrances by pivoting the crane which moves in four directions or maybe again utilizing the side scoop to lift the heap and move out objects. It also accommodates six cute puppies that have to be bought separately. The pups are made well and come with uniforms that have water canons. The make-believe rescue missions can now be absolutely extraordinary.


The quality of this toy puts it right up there in the hall of fame of the Best Paw Patrol Toys (2019). The truck comes fitted with glimmering lights and sounds that children can use to alert at the rescue site. And this can be done at the push of a paw patrol button. A tilting dump bed is yet another feature for an interesting make-believe rescue. You will have to remove the steam roller for rubble during a mobile mission to make movements easier. Children from 3 years or more would totally adore this truck.


This toy requires  AAA batteries making it completely wire-free. This acts as a big savior for parents, as these are included


The best and most enjoyable features of this toy are –

The surreal elements of this toy make playing with it fun-filled as you tend to be more creative.

The toy is not definitive for any gender and is fit for young boys and girls alike. This is a great feature that lets children explore more with their imagination.

The parents are left hassle-free because the toy is securely made without any irritants and is fit for children to use without any supervision making this toy a favorite among its huge customer base.

It also comes with an enormous cargo space that adds an extra element of fun in playtime, letting children work more with their imaginations.

It is also not too heavy on the pocket, thus acting as a very parent-friendly toy.

There are no specific drawbacks to this product as such. But there is a specific caution, the toy is not fit for children who are less than 3 years old since it comes with smaller pieces. Other than that, for children with wild imaginations and the ones who love playing make-believe, this Construction truck is a perfect fit with all its features and accessories.



Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Construction Truck is for sure an engaging toy with imaginative pieces, unique design, safe-to-use material and adorable little additional pieces. Your child can make belief a whole mission, jam-packed with action and adventure to keep them entertained for hours. It is the ideal present for any occasion and for any child with an imaginative mind to go on a rescue mission.

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