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Mega Construx American Girl Lea's 2-In-1 Rainforest Sanctuary Construction
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Looking At Best Mega Bloks Sets

Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag, Classic

Best Mega Bloks Sets - Mega Bloks 80-Piece Classic Rocket

This is an ideal starter set of 80 blocks and a great introduction to one of the best Mega Bloks sets. These are especially  great for tiny fingers to build with. Exploring, touching, feeling then putting the bricks together is the start of many a great project.

Animals, buildings even a space rocket, so many possibilities for constructing. Available in blue or pink bags. The bricks themselves are red, blue, light blue, green, yellow, and orange, all nice and bright, eye catching colors. For the start sets, the manufacturer recommended age 12 months – 5 years. At a year old your child can watch you building a couple or 3 blocks together and try these themselves. This really is the first step in their learning with these products.

Maybe you’re wanting to expand or you’ve got twins. If the 80 piece set isn’t quite large enough, we suggest that the best option is the 150 piece bag.
 These larger sets are great if you have friends around with children of a similar age to yours, so there’s plenty to go around.


What makes Mega Bloks An Ideal Starter Gift?

Give your kids the opportunity to stimulate their learning skills & imagination while encouraging discovery, fine motor skills, and open-ended play. From here kids often become interested in the wide range of  LEGO products available.

Imagine your kid ten years later, at school. His final project, his decisive test, is to present an invention. Many of the other students are stuck, they can’t think of anything. But your boy, let’s say his name is…Ben. Yeah, Ben. He has always been well known for his astonishing creativity. Not only does he get perfect scores on his project, but he also assisted some of his companions. Then, in art class homework, he has to do different paintings and always does something beautiful. His music potential is also impressive. And later, many years later when he becomes an adult, he will be able to go through many obstacles thanks to his sharp improvising abilities.

Once your children and grandchildren have started out on the basic building sets, they’ll want to explore the bigger and more adventurous kits, such as theMega Bloks First Builders Cozy Cottage Building Set, maybe the Mega Construx sets or possibly the Minions collections.

Mega Bloks® Despicable Me™ Minions

Mega Bloks® Despicable Me™ Minions

Mega Construx American Girl Lea’s 2-In-1 Rainforest Sanctuary Construction Set

Travel with Lea to Brazil in this deluxe 2-in-1 set. Let your childs imagination take over as they explore the Rainforest. Yes this set is great, it’s every animal lover’s dream come true! Build the two-story Rainforest Sanctuary or rebuild it into a mobile Amazonian Animal Rescue!  Adventures al the way, meet up with Camila to help the girls protect the amazon wildlife.

  • Two adventurous choices with this deluxe 2-in-1 building set: Lea’s Rainforest Sanctuary, or Lea’s Animal Rescue!
  • Buildable two-story sanctuary or animal rescue shelter
  • Rebuild for two unique playsets in one package!
  • Buildable areas include sanctuary foyer, vet office, animal sanctuary with bridge that lifts, sanctuary haven, lookout tower, rainforest pond, parking garage, restrooms, and tree hammock resting spot
  • Buildable pet vet rescue buggy

 2-In-1 Rainforest Sanctuary Construction Set

Mega Bloks Despicable Me Motor Mischief Building Kit

Once you’ve built the car, got the Minions ready, then off you go. One Minion driving, the other is on the homemade glider.
 Combine with other Mega Bloks Despicable Me playsets and create even more Mischief.

That is the potential this kind of toy has. It’s an open world ready to be explored, with endless possibilities and hours of play. Getting into the developer’s angle, Mega Bloks is the best option in my opinion on the “blocks department”, since the size is just right, the colors are basically perfect, and it comes with that handy bag. What will be today’s construction? A tall tower? A city? A car? A rocket? A cute animal?(Probably a giraffe, yes, it’s a running gag now). The sky is the limit.

Interesting facts:

  • With many awards, top rankings and how good it is, it is a must get in my opinion. ABSOLUTELY recommended!
  • It’s also one of those toys where you can spend a good time with your child, most babies love to play with them together with someone. Go social development!
  • The online reviews from buyers speak out loud just how great these products are.

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