Best Doctor Kit For Older Child Revealed

Best Doctor Kit For Older Child
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 What Is The Best Doctor Kit For Older Child That’s Personalized?

When you visit a hospital, are your children curious about the doctor’s equipment and procedures? Are they fascinated by doctors?

Children aspire to be many things when they grow up. They are inquisitive, and their vivid imaginations need to be attended to and nurtured.

As a parent, you should encourage them to follow their heart. To get your child’s activity started, why don’t you bring him a doctor’s kit so that he can perform roleplay and feed his curiosity.

Here is the review of the best doctor kit for an older child that you can gift them right away so that when you have a tummy ache later, your little doctor can address it.

Personalized Toy Doctor Kit For Kids

The personalized doctor kit by Dreamy Accessories is perfect for children in the age of 9 and below.

The kit contains various medical equipment, including:

  • Customizable Laboratory Coat
  • Customizable Doctor Bag
  • Stethoscope
  • Otoscope and dental mirror
  • Thermometer
  • Syringe needle
  • 2 Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Kidney Basin
  • Pill Case

It is a fantastic pretend doctor play kit for your kid to learn and grow while playing. Besides, you can write your kid’s name on the medical bag and coat.

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What Are the Features of This Kit?

The kit can be personalized. You can give your kid a coat with their names on it. Other salient features of the product that make it the best doctor kit for older child are:

Tons of Equipment

The kit comes with many types of equipment. The stethoscope comes with a heartbeat sound to impart a real experience. Moreover, the dental mirror and otoscope light up when pressed up.

Can Be Personalized

You can give your little doctor a title on their customizable coats. The medical kit bag can be customized too. The kit includes special letters to write the name on the coat.

The high-quality bag is spacious enough to store your doctor’s equipment.

Durable And Safe

The kit and equipment are made from safe materials. Also, the lab coat and bag are made up of high-quality cotton.

Technical Details of the Product

While buying any item, you should know about the size of the product. The kit’s technical details are:

  • Dimensions of product:69 x 4.61 x 10 inches


  • Weight:05 pounds


  • Manufacturer: Dream Accessories


  • Manufacturer recommended age: 36 months-9 years.


Pros and Cons of the Kit

The personalized doctor kit comes with certain pros and cons, just like any other product.

Pros of buying the kit:

  • Unlocks imagination in children


  • Incorporates almost all the basic equipment used by doctors


  • The material is safe


  • The set comes with unique letters to put a name on the coat and bag


  • Customizable

The negative aspects of the kit are:

  • The letter stickers come off while washing


  • The lab coat may be a little large for kids


  • Some toy equipment may break if handled roughly


Should You Buy It?

The pretend play doctor kit is an excellent way to stimulate your child’s mind and cater to their imaginative growth.

Besides, these roleplaying kits and games are a nice way to introduce your kid to different professions. Overall, it is the best doctor kit for older child that you can gift your kids.


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