Best Dinosaur Racing Track Set Review


We Found The Best Dinosaur Racing Track Set

Want a fun-filled racing track for your kid? Are you looking for the one that will evoke their primal instincts and curiosity? If so, then look no further as you can get your hands on the best dinosaur racing track set.

AUUGUU kid’s dinosaur race car track is fun, fascinating, educational, and provides the necessary stimulation to your child’s brain.

Hence, this fantastic racing track kit brings the dinosaurs from the prehistoric age to the present and makes your child imagine exciting car chasing adventures.

Are you curious to learn more about this toy set and how it can help your child? Continue reading this article to find out more about how AUUGUU’s dinosaur racing track is the best.

AUUGUU Kids Dinosaur Racing Track

With the dinosaur racing track set, your child or toddler can get sucked into the Jurassic period with fun dinosaurs and car race adventures. The track contains 156 pieces in total.

Also, this amazing toy set can ignite your child’s imagination and problem-solving skills. It makes your child spend endless hours going through hills and escaping the jaws of the dinosaur.

With an impressive track length of 15.6 inches, a width of 10.6 inches, and a height of 2.8 inches, this product weighs a total of 2.05 pounds.

dinosaur racing track

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With this dinosaur racing set, kids above three can entertain themselves, gain social skills, and imagine the menacing creatures wreaking havoc.

Also, this would awaken their curious nature to learn more about the prehistoric evaluation of dinosaurs and potentially develop their interest in studies such as history and biology, especially in palaeontology.

With the 156-piece set, the dinosaur racing track set contains:

  • 2 realistic dinosaur toys, portraying the dinosaur figures like T-rex and Triceratops
  • 144-piece flexible track
  • 2 toy SUV motorized cars that each need 1 AA battery to run
  • 2 ramps
  • A bridge and gate
  • 4 plastic trees

The AUUGUU dinosaur race track is considered safe for kids. It passed the toy safety standards of the US ASTM F 963 and European EN71.



Other than being introduced to the fantastic world of the dinosaurs, the toy set has the following advantages:

  • Stimulating curiosity and strengthening mental skills
  • Helping develop problem-solving and social skills
  • Easy to construct and deconstruct
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Military-inspired SUV vehicles
  • Realistic looking dinosaurs
  • Flexible
  • Increasing imagination, creativity, and adventure
  • Safe and free of BPA and other toxic materials



Nothing comes without a bit of disadvantage. The dinosaur racing track set’s limitations are:

  • Contains small parts which the kid may consume
  • Does not include the AA battery in the package set


Best Dinosaur Racing Track Set Conclusion

These AUUGUU kid’s dinosaur racing track sets can be a highly entertaining and exciting ride with the ability to resurrect the prehistoric age.

This new track set gives the racing car game an amusing twist. This helps keeps your child hooked to the race and makes them develop new possibilities and solutions.

Hence, this is the best dinosaur car racing track toy set that helps with your child’s overall early development.


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