Best Christmas Train Set Gift Ideas

best christmas train set
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Looking For The Best Christmas Train Set?

Their wish list states “best christmas train set” but which do they mean?

When it’s the end of the year and Christmas is around the corner, it can be quite a brainer to choose a gift for your children. You may want to give them a meaningful gift and remind them of Christmas each time they use it.

What is better than a Christmas train? Just like the movie Polar Express, you could give them the feeling of a train that goes to the North Pole to meet Santa!

The Lionel Winter Wonderland LionChief Set is the best Christmas train set. Read on to know more about this excellent Christmas gift!

Lionel Winter Wonderland LionChief Set With Bluetooth Capability

The Lionel Winter Wonderland 0-8-0 Set is equipped with Bluetooth, which means that you can control the train’s movements via your mobile.

The train set also makes a beautiful Christmas decoration. The inclusions of the train set are 0-8-0 steam locomotive, tank car and caboose, and ‘Winter Wonderland’ boxcar.

The Fastrack includes two 10-inch straight tracks, a 10-inch Plug-Expand-Play power lock section, eight curved 036 tracks, and an 18VDC/11VA power supply.

There is a LionChief remote too. The main feature of the train set is a remote controller controls the train. Bluetooth can also control it via phone. The train also has a feature of puffing smoke.

There is a switch for background, a bell, a horn, a PA announcement, and steam chuffing sounds.

For enhancing the experience, there is RailSounds, an RC sound system. An operating coupler is also present. A powerful maintenance-free motor is installed.

The product specifications are: minimum curve is 031, Bluetooth compatible, O Gauge compatible, set length is 45 inches.

The LionChief remote controller requires three AAA batteries. The train set does not come with batteries.



  • The product measure 18.4 x 17.4 x 9.25 inches.
  • The weight of the train set is 14.52 pounds.
  • The manufacturer recommended age of the product is 14 years and above.
  • The manufacturer is Lionel.

best christmas train set

Pros And Cons

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of this set.


·       Gives the authentic feel of a Christmas train

With the authentic train sounds, the puffing smoke, and the operating headlight, the train set is life-like. The feeling of a Christmas train is brought about quite well with this set.

·       Easy to connect

The train tracks come with 12 pieces; it is easy to assemble them. The train set can be connected to any phone via Bluetooth, and it becomes convenient to control the train without a remote controller.


·       If one part goes missing, the entire train set can be affected

The train tracks connect perfectly together; however, you may have to replace it with another piece if any part goes missing. Until then, the train wouldn’t be able to work independently.


Best Christmas Train Set Endnotes

The Lionel Winter Wonderland LionChief 0-8-0 Set is the best Christmas train set and gift you can give to your kids.

The train set makes sure that the Christmas feels reach you before Christmas arrives!


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