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Mortimer the Moose
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You’re just setting off for a 2 hour trip in the car, all the bags are onboard. Your baby is in their child seat but you know they’re teething or will soon get bored.   Then you appreciate that you need to make the trip easier with the Best Car Seat Toys. So what’s the answer?

Lamaze Mortimer The Moose & Friends.

Mortimer The Moose

If your child is teething then soft teethable antlers are perfect to soothe the pain. Combined with Mortimer’s squeaker tummy (keep this in mind for journeys in the car, though) then youngsters are going to be kept busy to let you focus on the road.


Look at this guy. It’s adorable! So many cute features where to start?  For instance he has a friendly smile and those “Hey, you are my best friend buddy” eyes.  Not to mention antlers that act as teethers, colourfully patterned happy feet plus lots of sounds.  This guy is a wonderful companion and will totally grab your baby’s attention. Another consideration is how very stimulating he is, which is sure to produce many cheerful giggles. There isn’t anything else to say here really, this one is a favourite too, it is considered one of the best educational toys for babies, and for that wonderful price it’s a must get. Mortimer my bro!


Captain Calamari

Your baby’s new shipmate, Lamaze’s Captain Calamari.

This has eight knotted activity legs that are great for exploration. The friendly octopus pirate has a hidden mirror that helps teach self-recognition and offers fun peek-a-boo play.

  • Help your baby learn how to focus, track images and explore the face with mirror play
  • With his crinkle hat, clacking rings and rattle he’ll awaken auditory awareness and keep baby engaged
  • Your baby will become visually stimulated through the bright colours and high-contrast patterns
  • Multiple fabrics and knottie textures encourage touch, helping stimulate baby’s tactile development.


Freddie The Firefly

Who couldn’t fail to adore this wonderful chap?

Filled with features; Freddie has a squeaker, clinking rings, tethered ladybug teether and knotted antennae perfect for chewing.   Fifi, his beautiful sister  also has all the same great features. Freddie has bright colors on his tummy and high-contrast black and white patterns on his back.


Stretch The Giraffe

Stretch the Giraffe is the tallest little buddy your baby can have.
This guy is a gentle giant. He has whimsical, knotted legs with crinkles and ribbons that encourage exploration. Look at his cute face, he’s just wanting to be taken home. Baby can pull Stetch’s legs to hear fun jingle and rattle sounds, and squeeze his nose to hear a squeak

Lamaze Stretch The Giraffe & Baby

Stretch The Giraffe & Baby

Best Car Seat Toys Conclusion.

The products we reviewed under our Best Car Seat Toys category saw Lamaze Mortimer The Moose & Friends offer providing just what we were looking for. We love that the toys were well made and with really eye-catching designs. Your baby will be kept entertained for hours and with the attachment clips, the toys can be used indoors too.


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