Batteries For Toys The Ultimate Guide.

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Batteries For Toys and Games

You’ve bought them the toy they have been asking for, for weeks. You have carefully wrapped the gift.  You see the sheer delight on their face as they unwrap the present. They tear into the packaging, eager to get the toy out to play with. 
Then disaster hits. There are no batteries included.


One of the most overlooked items when buying a gift is the batteries required to make it work. Granted some products do come with them included, many still do not. 

Batteries are one of the most common parts to replace on a toy or game. It is recommended that users keep an extra set at hand in case they dry out, as it can be quite difficult to find replacements for some toys and games.

Below you will find a list of popular batteries for toys and games as well as some of their corresponding toy or game.

Standard dry cell sizes (AAA, AA, C, D etc.) are used in a variety of toys and games such as; the Fisher Price Little People Big Fun Sounds Home, VTech Toot-a-Loop, Playdough Factory Playset – Playskool, Donkey Kong Barrel Blast and many more.

However, watch batteries are used in electronic or battery operated watches such as: Power Rangers Jungle Fury Dino Thunder Red Ranger Light-Up Watch and the Disney Mickey Mouse 3D Face Watch. Also included in this section is the Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) which comes in AA, AAA, C and D sizes and is used in VTech Doodle Pro Deluxe, My First Pals Chatty Palz (Cats & Dogs)

Finally, Lithium CR2450 batteries are commonly used in watches. These can be found in Power Rangers Jungle Fury Dino Thunder Red Ranger Light-Up Watch

Other toys and game batteries include: AA, AAA hearing aid batteries; 6V lithium (C size), 1.5V zinc air (AA or smaller), 3.6V Silver Oxide (9 volts)

Popular AAA Brands

Duracell Max Alkaline, Tenergy,  Philips, Rayovac, Energizer Max Alkaline and Panasonic.

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Popular AA Brands:

As well as the brands mentioned above such as Duracell Max Alkaline, Philips, Energizer Max Alkaline and Panasonic. We also add Mazon Basics, ACDelco AA Batteries to this list.

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Popular 9V Battery Brands:

Panasonic Industrial batteries (Sanyo), Duracell Coppertop , Eveready Gold and Maxell.

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Popular C Size Batteries: (for 6 volt devices)

Energizer 6V, Duracell 6V and Rayovac.

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Popular D Size Batteries: (for 12 volt devices)

Duracell 12V Plus Power, Energizer 12V Max and Rayovac.

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What are the battery measurements?

AA-typically 1.5 volts, C – typically 6 volts (although some are 9 volt), D – typically 12 volts and button cells (like from a watch) typically 3 volts. Keep in mind that the voltage for all of these will differ if they’re rechargeable.

The sizes of the batteries are often measured in millimetres. For example, a typical AA battery is 14mm in height and 51mm in length. The most common battery sizes for toys are:

C Cell – approximately 38 to 40 mm long by 18 mm diameter.

AA – approximately 30 mm long by 14 mm diameter. 

AAA – approximately 25 mm long by 12.5 mm diameter.

A button cell battery such as a watch battery is approximately 3.2 mm in diameter and 10.5 mm long.

Why are batteries used in toys?

Batteries are often used so that the toy can be played with for an extended period of time without requiring any attention from an adult or having to be plugged into an outlet.

A few toys do make use of solar power to extend the length of time they can be played with. Some common examples are:

Solar Powered Dragonfly and Solar-Powered Helicopter Toy. Additionally, wind up toys also fall into this category: Brown Windmill, Horse on Treadmill and Horsey Rocking Rolly Toy.

How long do batteries last?

In general, most of the toys made today come with alkaline batteries already installed when purchased. Alkaline batteries have a shelf life of three years in storage and an expected lifespan of two years. Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) also has a shelf life of three years but can last up to five years if used in a device that has an automatic cut-off, such as a watch. Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries have a shelf life of two years and an expected lifespan of five years.

Battery types are also rated for how long they can hold their charge when not in use. For example, a button cell battery will hold its charge for up to five years. Alkaline batteries can last for 90 days and NiCd batteries have a typical rating of 300-500 discharge/recharge cycles.

The life expectancy of batteries also depends on how they’re used. For example, if you use an alkaline battery in a toy that is used frequently, it will likely only last for three cycles while a battery that is used sparsely in a toy may last as long as 15 cycles.

It’s also important to note that batteries gradually lose their charge over time even if they’re not being used in a toy. This is called self-discharge and can be quite high with some batteries. For example, NiCd batteries will lose half their charge after approximately 30 days and up to 75% of their charge after a year in storage.

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How do I store my toy batteries properly?

You should remove your batteries if the toy is not going to be used for an extended period of time. Store them at room temperature and at a 40% to 60% charge level. Store your batteries in a cool, dry place (not near a heat source or in direct sunlight). This will ensure the longest possible lifespan for your batteries.

If you like, you can also put your batteries in to a battery storage device such as an Energizer Recharge Power Pack. That way, you can take them out of the toy and charge the device at a later point if you need to.

For optimal performance in toys that require AA batteries, store your batteries in pairs so that all of their terminals are aligned correctly. This will make it possible for them to transmit as much energy as possible when they’re inside the toy. Keep batteries tightly secured so that they don’t accidentally come loose.

batteries for toys

It’s also important to store your batteries at the right charge level. If you do end up storing them for a long time, make sure they’re at a 40% to 60% charge level when you put them away in order to prevent memory from occurring. Memory happens when a battery experiences a partial discharge, which then affects its ability to hold a charge. So if you leave it in storage for eight months and the charge level drops to 15% by that time, it will actually be at 5% when you put it back into use again. This is because a battery’s capacity drops by half every time it loses 25% of its charge level.

As a result, if you want your battery to be able to hold a significant amount of power when it goes back into use , you need to always keep it at 40% to 60% charge level. This means that even if you take the batteries out once every eight months. Cycle them along with new ones and then put them back into storage. You’ll want to make sure they’re at the 40% to 60% charge level when you put them away. Otherwise, you will likely experience problems with the battery when you go to use it again. Plus, if a battery’s voltage drops below 1V (a depth-of-discharge of 20%), it can become permanently damaged.

You should also avoid storing your batteries in a place where their temperature can fluctuate, as this causes them to age rapidly and degrade.

If you want to store multiple battery packs for an extended period of time, such as if you have several sets of C or D-size batteries, it’s helpful to put all the batteries into one larger storage device. A battery storage device acts as a good central hub for your batteries and can also prevent them from being damaged.

If you have rechargeable batteries that are used in toys, make sure you discharge their charge completely before storing them in order to avoid memory issues. You should store the batteries at 40% to 60% charge (not 100%). It’s also a good idea to recharge the batteries once every three months. If you don’t charge them regularly while in storage, they’ll probably lose their capacity and hold less power after a while.

These are some of the best battery tips for toys that we can offer. Hopefully, they will allow you to use your toy for as long as possible.

How do I know what kind of battery my toy uses?

The easiest way to figure out what type of battery your toy uses is to look at the name and/or packaging, especially if you know it’s been replaced before. Also, make sure to check the inside of the toy itself for old batteries. You can also search online for lists of popular toys with corresponding batteries.

What can I do if my toys run out of batteries?

Sometimes you can find extra batteries to fit your toy online. Or from stores like Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us. Check with friends and family too for any that they might have saved. If you can’t find any batteries like that, there’s always the option of taking your toy to a local repair shop. They’ll be able to help get your toy up and running again.

Why do some toys have them on the bottom?

Battery compartments usually are located at the base of the toy because it’s often not necessary for them to be accessed on a regular basis. However, some toys store them elsewhere due to aesthetic or space issues.


Batteries For Toys Final tip

Buy in bulk, these work out much better value. Look around the house and see how many remote controls you have, for example. There are some great deals out there for bulk buying. If you use a mix of AA and AAA, then Energizer does a great product.

Energizer Max  Batteries 48 Count Combo Pack, 24 AA + 24 AAA, give you 24 each of both sizes.

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