Barbie Beekeeper Playset

Barbie Bee Keeper
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Barbie Beekeeper Playset

Want to create a buzz? Excuse the pun, but this is something different and will appeal to all. Whoever created this concept deserves a medal! Who would have believed Barbie was an apiarist! Well, now she is,  within the Barbie Beekeeper Playset. We think this is fantastic and on a par with the Barbie Animal Rescuer Doll & Playset as part of animal welfare education through play.

Barbie celebrates her 60th birthday this year but luckily she never ages. I know people who grew up with these Dolls as children and now have children and grandkids of their own.  She gets prettier and of course more ecologically friendly as time goes by.

About The Playset

This is one of a line of Barbie career dolls. Each one uses the clothes connected with their trade and consist of accessories for fun play. You can get the Barbie Dental expert, the Physician, Farmer and Vet and now the Beekeeper Barbie which is our favourite.

The excellent feature of this playset is it is instructional. You can teach your child how bees pollinate flowers and how honey is made. With a good book about bees and even a YouTube video and perhaps a honey-based treat they’ll learn a lot about bees and their function in the world. This also makes playing with the set a much richer experience.

Beekeeper Barbie is dressed as fashionably as we would anticipate however with an extra layer of protective gear to conserve her from bee stings. From the feet up she is wearing blue trousers and brown boots. A cue feature is her white coat decorated with bees.

To protect her body she wears a pair of white gloves and the required safety gear of any beekeeper a hat with a net veil.

There are 2 versions of this particular Barbie African-American and Caucasian.

There’s a good variety of devices with this set. It features a colourful stand that includes a blue spinning beehive. There’s also a computer system screen and 2 honey bear jars and finally a honeycomb that slides in an out.

And let’s not forget some bees too which can be housed in the beehive in a sliding drawer. The bees can also come out of the drawer and pollinate some beautiful orange and red flowers that they can be connected to with their pegged bodies.

Conclusion Barbie Beekeeper Playset

This is really different from the typical Barbie sets and we like it. Any Barbie collector or child who likes dolls will value this set. Not yet got a Barbie Career doll? This could be a great one to start the collection with. should consider adding this one to their collection. Remember though to teach them that although bees are our pals they can still deliver a nasty sting so care is needed! We like this one as it shows a compassionate role model in the same vein as the Barbie Animal Rescuer Doll & Playset.

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