Anatex Pyramid of Play Activity Center

Educational Toys

Keeping little ones occupied for any length of time can be a challenge, but if you provide children with an opportunity to problem-solve in a variety of ways, they’ll be sure to sit still while they work things out. Anatex’s Pyramid of Play Activity Center is designed for just such open-ended play; kids can challenge friends and siblings to navigate the Caterpillar Pathfinder, Marble Run, Ladybug Counter, Gear Fun and Busy Rollercoaster. Each game is built into the activity center’s sides and tes counting, color recognition, hand-eye coordination, and cooperative play skills. Five-sided play center with games and rollercoaster bead maze. Games include Marble Run and Gear Fun. Great for waiting rooms, classrooms and home play areas. Includes activity center and games. Recommended for children age 2 Years to 5 Years. Dimensions: 18L x 18W x 27H inches.

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