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ALEX DIY Color Me Sqooshies – Sweets Boxed
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What Are Alex Toys Color Me Sqooshies?

Squishy toys are all the rage, so what about Sqooshies? Well with the Color Me Sqooshies kits we can introduce you to a new, fun product. These will be popular toys for 6-year-old girls who like to be creative. Boys who like to use their imagination will enjoy this too.

Kids love new toys, that’s a fact. If you’re still living in the world of fidget spinners, there’s a new trend in town and it involves squishies. With fidget spinners being oh so last year, now you can be the envy of your friends.  In the United States, it is believed that “squishies” are on their way to being the next major craze. In every toy store we can find, we find these “toys” being marketed like fidget spinners were – it is said that they are a great way to relieve anxiety and stress. Don’t be one of the followers, here’s your chance to become a trendsetter. Squishies will more than likely turn into a major trend, and that’s why today, we are going to introduce you to Alex Toys Color Me Sqooshies.

About Alex Toys Color Me Sqooshies

Sweets lets you design and paint 3 soft and squishable characters. You have a cute little squishy popsickle, cupcake and a unicorn donut (yes, I just said unicorn donut, weird, I know).  You choose the colors you want to use. Each one of these is made of a soft material that is mesmerizing. It’s relaxing and simply to squish. Think of a stress ball but more eye-catching. After you squish it, it will slowly transform back to its original shape.

These aren’t your traditional little squishy toys – using your design skills and imagination, you make these unique. You see, with these toys, you can paint them (a paintbrush and paints are included). It’s pretty cool because with this feature, you can customize the coloring however you choose. We think it’s down to your imagination when it comes to the possibilities. here’s one idea, take the donut and cover it with sweet sprinkles. Donut isn’t your thing?  Top the cupcake with frosting. Transform the popsicle into your favourite flavor, and then put all three of them together and let them become best friends.

The Set Includes:

This set comes with glitter finish (yay, we could all use a little glitter in our life) and keychain loops, so that you can put the sqooshies on your purse, handbag or backpack.
You will have 3 sqooshies (cupcake, donut and popsicle), glitter, 3 keychains, paints and a paintbrush.
You get a total of 7 paint colors which are; hot pink, yellow, white, purple,  pink, turquoise and black.

ALEX DIY Color Me Sqooshies


With some of the squishy items currently on the market, you can only squeeze them so many times before they cease to exist in the manner you want them to. Now for some, that’s ample satisfaction.  However, with Alex Toys Color Me Sqooshies, they are created from high-quality material that will last for a long period of time – go ahead and squeeze them as often and as many times as you like – each and every time, they will slowly expand back into their original shape. This means you’ll get a long lasting fun time with these. Alex Toys who were established in 1986, have grown to become a well known toy company. They’ve become regarded as a manufacturer of quality products.  Since these Sqooshies come from them, you know the quality is going to be good.

If you’re looking for a cool squishy toy to relieve your stress and anxiety throughout the day, then this is highly recommended and as a bonus, you can paint them any color you want and sprinkle them with glitter. Affordable, eye-catching these Alex Toys Color Me Sqooshies are great for ages 6 to teenagers oh and even adults.

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