The Slinky: A Great Christmas Toy

The Original Slinky
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The Slinky Toy, a Great Christmas Present for Both Young and Old.

Beleive it or not, the Slinky toy has been on the market since 1945. An ioncredible time for any toy but it sure proves its ongoing popularity.  Slinky has been making people smile for almost 70 years, do you remember the first time you saw one move down the stairs?  This Christmas might be a good time to give the people on your Christmas list a one of their very own.

Playing With the Slinky

You can play many different ways with Slinky toys. You can make it walk down a stairs. Simply take it to the top of a straight stair case and place it on the edge of the top step. The take the top spring of the Slinky and curve it so it goes down to the next step and watch it walk down the stairs all by itself.

A Slinky can bounce from one hand to the other just grab the Slinky so that you have an end of the Slinky in each hand. Then move one hand up a couple of inches and then let your hands change places so the lower hand rises up and the upper hand goes down. Keep doing this and the Slinky with bend in an arch and move from one side to the other.

Out Of Box Slinky

Slinky can walk down an incline all by itself. Make a surface about four feet long and raises one foot on one end. Then place the Slinky on the top end. Grab the top of the Slinky and curl it over so that the Slinky has both sides touching the board. If you do it right the Slinky should walk down the incline all by itself.

This is a toy that can bounce, walk, spring, flip, juggle and juggle. A very versatile toy to play with both indoors and out. It can also be a big stress reliever, perhaps the first of its kind!.


Slinky Tricks

The late 1970s and early 1980s saw people learning & teaching friends various slinky tricks. School play yards were divided between kids who could complete the Rubiks Cube in seconds with their eyes closed or others who could perform interesting slinky tricks for their friends.

The best Slinky is the kind made of metal but you can also get a Slinky made of plastic. Slinky toys can get tangled so they are best played with carefully. A metal Slinky will tangle easier then a plastic Slinky will. Plastic Slinky is better for small children but the metal Slinky is more traditional. There is also the bright and eyecatching rainbow version which is bigger & better than ever!



Plastic or metal the Slinky is a fun toy. Glow in the dark slinky products are available, however the couple that we tested we quite poor. We prefered the rainbow jumbo one instead, so much so we ordered another couple as gifts.

To find out more about the Slinky toy you can go on the net to here .

Final Thoughts On The Original Slinky

It offers great fun, better suited indoors than out, but that’s just my preference. Solid wooden floors and stairs get the better results. Another great thing is, it doesn’t need charging or batteries !

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