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Beautiful Heirloom Quality Puzzle Stacking Wooden Toy Kits

While stacking, the eye-hand coordination is stimulated and fine motor skills are trained. What could be a better way to encourage your youngsters to learn through play? These beautifully crafted sets will show you how.

Flowers, rainbows, towers and many more different designs all in bright, eye catching shapes & colors which will appeal to all. These beautiful educational ‘toys’ will make great family heirlooms for future generations.

Grimm’s Stacking Toys Fire Flame

Let’s have a look at a couple of these wonderful items.

Grimm’s “Little Flower” Wooden Puzzle Stacker – Large Elements Nesting/Stacking Sculptural Blocks

  • Beautiful German-made flower puzzle stacker represents Beauty & Life
  • Includes 9 uniquely-shaped chunky block pieces that can also be combined with other building blocks, especially the other stackers in Grimm’s Large “Elements” of Nature collection
  • “Little Flower” is actually quite Large: stands about 9 inches tall when all pieces are nested!
  • Made by hand from sustainably harvested lime wood & non toxic water based stains (no worrisome paint or varnish)

Grimm’s Large Four Elements Building Set, Wooden Blocks with Storage Tray

Rainbow, Flame, Stone Cave & Wave represent the 4 Elements: Air, Fire, Earth, & Water

Colorful solid wood shapes can be used as puzzle pieces or creative building blocks. Also combine well with other building blocks, especially the other “4×4” (4 cm thick) blocks from Grimm’s range.

Oversized set includes wooden tray to use as a building platform or for storage when playtime is over; tray measures 18-inches square




Material: Wood.

Handcrafted: Don’t worry though, all dyes used in this product are water based. This makes them completely safe. No paint, colors won’t chip off.
Which makes me want to remark: Natural, rainbow colors which children love!
Many, many uses. MANY.


German people have a reputation of being disciplined, intelligent, and leaders in a lot of aspects. Is it because they play with Grimm’s Stacking Toys since their early ages? I have no idea, all I know is that this toy is fantastic. Don’t let the low number of Amazon reviews discourage you; this rainbow buddy has been around since 1978. Soon to be 40 years old! The strong aspect here is how open-ended it is: Stacking, sorting, building, playing kitchen for the more grown up, the only limit is their imagination and the good thing is our loved ones have tons of it.

Grimm’s Stacking Ideas

Making one object fit into another is something amazing at early ages. Excellent for motor skills. In my opinion(and many experts’ opinion too), the way this toy is simply a number of pieces of wood is the kind of simplicity that helps children develop, discover their own creativity. For that reason I think it’s very important that they can play with something extremely open-ended instead of just those “follow me/press buttons/” rigid modern toys. The last ones can be extremely good, but always have an imagination stimulator for our kids to grow very creative.

Grimm’s Stacking Toys 6 Piece Rainbow Stacker

Interesting facts:

The wood used to make this incredible quality product is sustainably-harvested in an European forest. Let’s help the planet!
Made in Germany.
Loved by many eco-green lifestyle websites.
Many different kinds! From bowls to rainbows you have plenty of options.
The Rainbow Represents nature’s element of “Air” & is part of Grimm’s “Elements” Stacker collection. Combines especially well with the other Stackers, available separately: Stone Caves (Earth), WaterWaves (Water), Flames (Fire), and Little Flower (Life)

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