Steiff Classic 1920 Teddy Bear Blond 10″

Steiff Classic 1920 Teddy Bear Blond 10"
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Steiff Classic 1920 Teddy Bear Blond 10” Review

Steiff Classic 1920 Teddy Bear Blond 10″ is a German made, classically jointed teddy bear made from the finest mohair. It is part of their replica collection that is very sought after by teddy bear enthusiasts. It is one of the christmas teddy bears options as a gift.

The charm is not just from its variety of sizes but likewise its incredibly fine, unbelievably soft mohair and high quality alpaca of different colors. They are designed in such a method that they are peaceful, friendly and an endlessly calm charm for your child. These attributes are a significant contribution to their appeal, to a child they are lovable and and homely. Together with the timeless joints, the Steiff Classic 1920 Teddy Bear Blond 10″ is blonde and is washable.

Steiff Classic 1920 Teddy Bear Blond 10″ Attractions

Quality: the classic joints and washable surface make sure that its superb quality is maintained.
Aesthetics: its size, color, friendly and endlessly peaceful charm makes it appealing to all ages and in all state of minds.
Sturdiness: the teddy bear is carefully stitched to guarantee it does not break down. The toy therefore can be a great addition to your collection for numerous years.
Appeal: it is offered in various colors to fulfill the tastes of everyone.

Highly appealing.
Made from high quality and fine mohair.
Appropriate for all ages and a terrific gift for memorializing those various important life occasions.


Not found any as yet.

Steiff Classic 1920 Teddy Bear Blond 10inch Bear Close Up

From the Manufacturer

Original Teddy Bears – for wonderful friendships which begin on four paws. The Teddy bear charm is not a question of size as shown by this troop of beary friends made of pleasantly fine, wonderfully soft mohair and high quality alpaca, in all shapes, sizes and colors. Every one of our friendly Teddy bears catches your eye with his very individual character due to their quiet, friendly and endlessly serene charisma. This makes them popular, much adored and stroked inhabitants in the houses of Steiff friends and collectors, who have kept a piece of “childhood” and joy in their adulthood. Some days can be so grey and cloudy, the turbulence of day-to-day life can challenge us: looking your favorite Steiff Teddy bear in the eyes always feels like coming home. It is nice that there are such valuable moments. This Classic 1920 Teddy Bear is made of the finest mohair. He is blond, jointed and surface washable. He is approximately 10″

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